Mum-to-be Jewellery: Our Favourite Gifts for Mums

personalised bola necklace gold plated merci maman

It’s undeniable how much love Mums-to-be put into their children before they are even born. If you have a special, expecting mum in your life, you’ll want to appreciate and celebrate her with love, support, and of course, the perfect sentimental present. From harmonic Bola pregnancy necklaces to the addition of new charms on your existing Merci Maman necklaces, we have many unforgettable gifts to celebrate the magical moment of a baby’s arrival into the world. Whether you are hunting for a unique baby shower gift or simply want to spoil the mum-to-be with something special, keep reading to discover our beautiful mum-to-be jewellery. 

Mum-to-be jewellery

Bola pregnancy necklaces find their origins in ancient Mexican and Indonesian cultures. This maternity necklace is designed to create a sense of calm and harmony for both the expecting mother and for her little one. Traditionally worn during pregnancy, the necklace rests against the bump and is designed to be rolled over the belly, producing a gentle ringing. This sound tenderly soothes the baby and creates an auditory imprint of love. Once born, the same chimes will be a reassuring and familiar sound to the little one, reminding them of the bond created throughout pregnancy and the feeling of comfort and security experienced in the womb.

At Merci Maman, we have collaborated with Ilado to create two unique and personalised pregnancy necklaces. The necklaces feature the traditional harmony baubles as well as hand-engraved discs featuring your delicately engraved initials. Available in both 18k gold plated and 925 sterling silver, this necklace can be worn on sturdy chain or a soft braid, with its length designed to reach the bump perfectly. These timeless keepsakes encapsulate the unique moment of life and act as a symbol of the infinite bond between a mother and her child.

New mum jewellery

Whether it’s a friend who has recently given birth or a sibling who has successfully navigated the adoption process, new parenthood is a milestone worth celebrating. Embarking on the journey of being a new mum is one of the most life-changing and exciting experiences, yet we know it can also be a time of stress and fatigue. If you’d like to treat her to the perfect pick me up (that isn’t for the little one) personalised jewellery is the perfect present. Here are a few of our favourite personalised gifts for new mums…

If the mum-to-be in your life is expecting her second, third or maybe even fourth little one and already has a Merci Maman necklace she treasures, look no further! At Merci Maman, we can add engraving to your necklace at no extra charge or you can use our mix & match section and buy an additional charm to add to your personalised piece.

As always, discover more gifts for the mum in your life over on our website and don't forget to share your personalised keepsakes with us over on our Instagram. Happy shopping!

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