Create your own jewellery - Personalised pendants

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Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of our personalised and engraved pendants, where each piece is a celebration of your own unique story. Our creations are designed to capture and immortalise your most cherished memories: whether it’s a cherished name, important date, or meaningful message that you want to keep close to your heart.  
From our gemstones to our hand-engraved discs, our personalised charms reflect your most precious memories. This range is ideal for celebrating a birth of a little one, or for updating your hand-engraved jewellery collection with engravings of new milestone moments.   
If you're creating a gift to celebrate a precious birth, you can opt for a dazzling Birthstone or unique Birth Flower charm for a sentimental and stylish touch.  
Join us on this heartfelt and creative journey, where each pendant becomes a sentimental treasure and a unique a reflection of own personal journey.   

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Engraving Ideas for Your Personalised Pendant  

Hand engraving is what will make your pendant truly unique and precious.  
Whether you want to treasure a special moment, express an emotion, or share a special message, here are some lovely ideas to inspire you:  

Memorable dates  
Engrave a date that has special meaning for you or the person you are personalising the pendant for. This can be a birthday, wedding, birth, or any other day that you'd like to celebrate.  

Names and Initials  
Nothing is more personal than engraving the name or initials of a loved one. It could be the name of your partner, your little ones, or even nickname only known to the both of you.  

Inspirational Quotes  
Choose a quote that inspires you or reflects your values. It could be a line from a poem, a famous quote, or even your own personal mantra.  

Geographical coordinates  
Engrave the coordinates of a special place you’d like to treasure. This could be where you and your loved one met, your hometown, or a place you never want to forget.   

Special symbols  
Symbols such as hearts, stars or infinities can add a special touch to your engraving. They are perfect for expressing love, hope or affection.  

Messages of Love or Friendship  
Express your feelings with a short but touching message. “I love you”, “Always together”, or “Friends for life” are examples of messages that commemorate a cherished bond.   

Zodiac signs and Astrological symbols   
Astrological symbols or Zodiac signs are a creative and thoughtful way to personalise a pendant. They reflect the personality or character traits of the person you're giving the pendant to.  

Verses or Prayers 
If you or the recipient of the pendant are spiritual or religious, consider engraving a verse, prayer, or mantra that has special meaning.  

Drawings and Artistic Motifs  
For those who prefer a more visual approach, consider artistic designs or patterns. This can be anything from a simple floral pattern to an abstract illustration. Treasure a little one’s first drawing with our Drawn By You collection.   

How to choose your Personalised Pendant?

Selecting a personalised pendant is a careful and thoughtful process which involves considering your personal style, your budget and the occasion for which it is intended. Here are some tips to guide you through this process: 

Define Your Personal Style 

Classic or Modern: opt for shapes and designs that reflect your taste. Classic designs are timeless, whilst modern styles can offer a fresh and contemporary twist.  
Symbolic: Choose designs or symbols that have special meaning to you, such as initials, important dates, or symbols representing passions or beliefs. 

Consider Your Budget 

Materials: The price varies depending on the materials used, such as 925 Sterling Silver, Solid or 18K Plated Gold, 18K Plated Rose Gold, or precious stones. Determine what type of material fits your budget.  
Complexity of Engraving: More elaborate engraving may alter the price. If you're on a tight budget, opt for simple but meaningful engravings. 

Choose the Size and Design 

Pendant size: The size should match your style and the use of the jewellery. Large pendants make a bold statement, whilst smaller discs and charms are more discreet.  
Design: From elegant and minimalist to eye-catching and vibrant, the design you choose should complement your wardrobe and preferences. 

Chain Type 

Chain Length: The length of the chain influences how the pendant is worn. Shorter chains are ideal for an everyday look, whilst longer chains are suitable for special occasions.  
Chain Style: Choose from simple chain, beaded chain, or other styles that complement the pendant. 

Adapt it to the occasion 

Gifts: If the pendant is a gift, think about what the person receiving it would like to wear. Consider their tastes, lifestyle, and existing jewellery collection.   
Special Events: For events like a wedding or birthday, opt for a pendant that can also be treasured as a keepsake for these occasions. 

Ask for advice if necessary 

Do not hesitate get in touch with our Customer Service team to help you make the best choice based on your needs and preferences.