Personalised Jewellery Gifts for New Mums

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Becoming a new mum is one of the most life-changing events for any woman in your life, and our personalised jewellery gifts for new mums are sure to help her never forget this special moment, with each piece carefully hand-engraved.

Whether personalising with the date their world changed, their little one's new name, or the birthstone of their new love, find the perfect personalised necklace for any mum.
A special gift for your best friend, daughter or wife, this collection has been carefully curated with meaningful pieces she’ll cherish for many years to come.  Discover our timeless Duchess Necklace, ready to hand-engrave with the name and birth date of their new baby, or our bestselling Hammered Double Disc & Birthstone Necklace to personalise with the birthstone of their new arrival. Each Personalised Gift for a New Mum can be hand-engraved with your special message in our workshop in Paris before being carefully packaged in one of our complimentary gift boxes. 

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The emotional importance of personalised jewellery for new mums 

Personalised jewellery has a deep emotional significance for many people, and this is mainly due to its ability to capture special moments and express unique feelings. When personalised, each piece becomes so much more than an accessory, it becomes a tangible reminder of life’s unforgettable moments.
For new mamas in particular, personalised jewellery is often more than just fashion, it's a gift with special meaning.  
When you give a new mother a personalised piece of jewellery, you're showing her that you've taken the time to think about a meaningful gift. 
Whether it's a necklace engraved with her new arrival’s birth date, or a bracelet with the first names of those in her growing family, every personalised detail shows your care and love. Each piece becomes a constant reminder of the unbreakable bonds of love and family. What's more, personalised jewellery allows the wearer to tell their own story, with each word or gemstone reflecting their personality, experiences, and values.
For example, a new mum might choose a birthstone that symbolises the month of her little one’s birth or opt for a necklace featuring her Zodiac or Constellation sign. These personal choices add a layer of authenticity and emotion to the jewellery, making it even more precious. 

Ideas for personalising jewellery as a gift for a new mum 

When it comes to personalising a piece of jewellery to gift to a new mama, the possibilities are endless, and each can be personalised to suit her own unique style and personality. 

Here are a few personalisation ideas to inspire you: 

Engraving their little one’s date of birth
A classic option is to engrave their child's date of birth on the jewellery. It's a timeless way to commemorate the birth and help them to treasure that special day. 

Children's first names
Personalise the chosen piece by adding their little one’s first name. Whether as a necklace, bracelet, bangle or ring, each name is carefully hand-engraved at our workshop in Paris.  

Choose a gemstone or birthstone to match the birth month of their new arrival to add a pop of colour and meaning to the jewellery.  

Maternity symbols
Symbols such as a heart, tree of life, little feet or other meaningful motifs can be added to the jewellery to represent love, family, and growth. 

Special Quotes or Messages
If the new mama loves a specific quote or saying, consider having this engraved onto the jewellery as a daily reminder for her to cherish.  

Zodiac or astrological sign
If she’s interested in astrology, personalise the jewellery with her zodiac sign or that of her little one.  

Combination of elements
You can also combine several personalisation elements, such as a date of birth, first names, birthstones, to create a truly unique and meaningful piece of jewellery. 

Metal choice
Choose the type of metal that best suits mum's preferences, whether it's fine gold, 18K Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver or even 18K Rose Gold Plated. 

Jewellery style
Select the style of the jewellery depending on what she prefers to wear. This could be a delicate necklace, statement bracelet, or subtle earrings to suit her personal style.  

What are the best occasions to gift personalised jewellery to a new mama? 

The ideal opportunity to give a gift of jewellery to a new mum depends on the reason for gifting and the meaning behind it.
Whatever the occasion, personalised jewellery demonstrates love, care, and affection.
Here are some lovely opportunities to create a thoughtful gift:

The Birth of a Little One
This is the most obvious occasion. Offering personalised jewellery to a new mother to celebrate the birth of a new arrival is a tradition dear to many families. Each piece can be lovingly engraved with the name and date of birth of the new arrival.  

Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is a special opportunity to show love and appreciation to special mums, especially if this is going to be her first Mother’s Day as a new mum. Personalised jewellery is a meaningful gift for sharing love and affection with a cherished mama who means so much.  

A Birthday
A new mum's birthday is a perfect chance to create a gift of personalised jewellery that reflects her personality and style. You can choose this based on her birthstone, astrological sign, or as a special gift on behalf of her new arrival.  

A Wedding Anniversary
For couples, personalised jewellery can be a romantic gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary. You can engrave their wedding date, the couple's names or a special message. 

Special events
Personalised jewellery can also be given at other milestone events, such as children's graduations, professional achievements, or simply to express your love and appreciation each day.