Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 Personalised Necklaces

Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 Personalised Necklaces

Still shopping around for Christmas jewellery gifts? Here at Merci Maman we have got a variety of options for you to pick from! Because of how busy this period is, we know it can be daunting trying to find the perfect Christmas gift. As a result of this, for today’s post, we have decided to focus on one particular category, necklaces! Jewellery is a lasting gift that is cherished for a lifetime and necklaces, in particular, are a fabulous accessory for every outfit. Whether you are in search of precious metals, something to stack with or birthstone jewellery, we’ve got you sorted in help of finding the perfect Christmas necklace! Therefore, keep reading to gain some inspiration.

Christmas Gift Ideas, 5 Personalised and Unique Necklaces

Meaningful jewellery is part of what we do best. With complimentary personalisation being key to Merci Maman, what better time than Christmas to treat a loved one to a unique sentimental design. With endless options of quotes, lyrics, names or dates that you can personalise your Christmas necklaces with. Consequently, let’s take a look at different approaches of what you could have engraved

Engraving Inspiration:

1 . Engraving in celebration of motherhood – Motherhood is a big part of our identity as a brand. Each journey of motherhood has its own unique special bond. Similarly, each engraved message should celebrate a bond. Whichever necklace you choose will become that more sentimental for the recipient if you choose a heartfelt engraving! For example, you could engrave:

‘You’re my greatest adventure’, ‘M<3MA’ and ‘Motherhood is the greatest Christmas gift I could ever ask for’

2 . A message for your best friend – What better time to show appreciation for your friends than Christmas. Make your affection towards your nearest and dearest known by engraving a message that they will cherish forever. Some recommendations that we have are:

‘Friends are the family that we get to choose’, ‘I am glad I found you’ and ‘Even miles apart, still forever friends.’

3 . A message that your child can grow with –Jewellery is certainly not just for adults. And at Merci Maman we understand this. Just as how a piece of jewellery lasts for a lifetime so should its message! The perfect necklace for your child, should have a personalised message that they’ll be able to refer to eve when they are an adult. For instance

‘Your voice is meant to be heard’, ‘Be You, the World Will Adjust’ and ‘Baby steps turn into gigantic leaps’

4 . An engraving that your partner will always keep close to their heart – What better way to say I love you than through a necklace! With its location always close to you partner’s heart here is some engraving inspiration that you could use to make their gift extra special:

You are my favourite thought’, ‘You have my heart always’ and ‘Love you to the moon / and back’

To sum up, the engraving you choose is just as integral as the necklace you pick.

Gift Ideas: Christmas Necklaces

1 . Personalised Initial Pastille Necklace, at £89

A perfect christmas necklaces. The initial pastille necklace which features 7 mini discs to engrave on.

One of our favourites, the Necklace is the perfect everyday wear, as well as being stacked with other necklaces for a more dramatic look. In addition, this necklace features seven miniature pastille charms, that are hand-engraved with a with whatever you desire to keep loved ones always close.

2 . Personalised Beaded Disc Necklace, from £89

Gold plated beaded disc Christmas necklaces

Featuring a smooth surface surrounded by delicate beaded detail this necklace is a Merci Maman favourite! The large disc fills up the area of the chest on which it lays upon with its eye catching nature. Choose a central or edge engraving of up to 25 characters and create a unique personalised necklace that they will love to open on Christmas morning.

3 . Personalised Intertwined Necklace, at £99

Christmas necklaces, intertwined necklace

One of the perfect Christmas necklaces to symbolise the love between mother and child. Our Personalised Intertwined Necklace features two interlocked circles that move freely between each other. In addition, it is available in 3 different metal 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Rose Gold plated. Ensuring that there is a tone that every mum will love! Engrave with two sweet messages to make this the perfect Christmas gift.

More Personalised Christmas Necklaces by Merci Maman

1 . Personalised Gemstone Necklace, from £139

Christmas necklaces birthstone necklace

This necklace is comprised of a semi-precious gemstone , which is paired with our signature disc charm. With 7 different gemstones to choose from and 3 different metals, there is a combination that any woman would love. Subsequently, the disc is hand-engraved to create a personalised piece of jewellery as unique as the perfect that you are gifting it.

2 . My Little Illustration Necklace, at £99

Christmas Necklaces, My Little Illustration Necklace

With a choice of four different illustrations including a cute rainbow and the princess crown, this necklace offers an illustration for each child. Pick one that you know your child will cherish forever. On the reverse add a hand-engraving with a special message that they can refer back to as they continue to grow.

Above all, we hope you have found this guide useful and as always, happy shopping!