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It’s your favourite necklace, your keepsake bracelet, your piece of sentimental jewellery to mark a special moment in life.

IIn the same way you treasure your memories, relationships and loved ones, it’s important to look after your Merci Maman jewellery to keep the mementoes of life’s special moments cherished. Delicate care and cleaning of your jewellery will help them to last for years to come, and continued enjoyment of your keepsake pieces.

All our metals are sourced responsibly in close collaboration with our suppliers to ensure the best quality and fair trade of our products. We use clean products – that means using only pure base metals and 100% nickel free materials in our jewellery.

All of our products are hallmarked as a sign of quality.


Always remove your jewellery before bed, your keepsake should be the last item you put on in the morning and the first one you take off before bed.

Always avoid water including washing dishes, swimming pools and Jacuzzis whilst wearing your jewellery.

As the jewellery is delicate, unique and special it is important to store your pieces individually, to avoid scratching.

Avoid storing your special pieces in the Merci Maman jewellery box it arrives in, as the jewellery needs access to air to avoid oxidisation.

Keep your chains fastened when stored to avoid tangling.



  • Always store your pieces individually, preferably in a soft-lined box or pouch so that they don’t rub together and scratch
  • Avoid direct exposure to chemicals present in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, body oils, suntan lotion and deodorant
  • Avoid very humid environments and high temperatures


  • Every now and again, carefully clean your jewellery with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to help maintain its shine
  • Gold plate may tarnish over time, but the darkening of the metal is not related to its quality
  • Over time, sterling silver will naturally tarnish (oxidisation) due to its contact with oxygen, this is not a fault with the metal and can usually be removed with careful cleaning
  • Although sterling silver is strong, it can be prone to scratching if not treated with care
  • Clean your silver jewellery in warm soapy water, ensuring that it is rinsed thoroughly and dried before storing. Alternatively polish your silver jewellery with a soft cloth


We are committed to sourcing our gemstones in a responsible and moral way. Our suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an organisation that promotes ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the jewellery supply chain.


  • Avoid direct exposure to some chemicals present in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, body oils, sun tan lotion and deodorant
  • When storing your gemstone jewellery, to ensure that they do not knock against one another


  • Carefully clean your gemstone and its setting with a soft cloth to restore its shine

Find your favourite stone from our collection and discover its special meaning in our Stone Guide.


As an organic material, pearls are much softer than most other gemstones and can be easily scratched 


  • Avoid storing your pearls with other jewellery as they can easily be scratched when metal or gemstones rub against them


  • Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing, and occasionally wipe clean with mild soapy water. Allow the pearls to dry before putting them away


A selection of our bracelets are made using durable and colourfast polyester braid, paired with your favourite hand engraved charm.


  • Bracelets with braid can be worn at all times, however wearing them in the shower and regular contact with water may substantially reduce their lifespan.


If your bracelet becomes too dirty or wears through, we offer a Restring Service to replace the current braid (even if you just fancy a change of colour).