Personalised Zodiac Jewellery: 5 Gifts

Personalised Zodiac Jewellery: 5 Gifts

Do you love reading about your star sign? Are you a true believer in the zodiac? From Leo’s to Scorpio’s, each month has a different sign to reflect your personality and aura. And if you are a big believer, like us, you should be proud of your sign. So why not get a piece of jewellery which shows it off?

Zodiac Charms

Back in the first millennium BC, Babylonians was the first person to invent astrology. He divided the celestial line into 12 equal parts for the twelve months of the year. And from that observation, he was able to create the so-called star signs. These signs are derived from the constellations that mark out the path on which the sun appears to travel over the course of a year.

Personalised Zodiac Jewellery: 4 amazing gifts!

In honour of those special moments that change your world forever. The Zodiac Collection celebrates the time in your life when fate brings you treasured memories. The loved ones and meaningful dates to never forget.

The astrology inspired 11-piece collection is designed to showcase your own or a loved one’s star sign. And to tell your story, with a hand-engraved message to complete your special piece of jewellery. ​

Constellation Coin Necklace, £129

Constellation Coin Necklace

Choose your star sign or your little ones. Engrave the constellation onto the front of your pendant and your own words on the reverse. Paired with a chain to suit the length you are after.

Zodiac Charm Bracelet, £69

In two new beads, the Lapis Lazuli & White Moonstone. Choose your favourite colour and pair with the zodiac charm of your choice. With the subtle engraving of an initial on the bead, this is a perfect Christmas bracelet.

Zodiac Hoop Earrings, £69

Trendy and stylish, our hoops are available in two different sizes. With one disc with the option to engrave and the second with a dangly star sign, these are musts for the festive season. Style this look with a necklace so you’re super on trend this year.

Zodiac Charm Necklace, £99

Zodiac charm necklace

Available in silver and gold, this trendy necklace allows you to have a stylish double pendant. Choose your own star sign or one of your children’s and pair with a hand-engraved disc with your words, names or dates that mean the most to you.

Personalised Zodiac Jewellery: what are you waiting for?

This on trend collection will be sure to turn heads. Star signs and astrology especially on keepsakes is here to stay!