Written in the stars: Introducing Merci Maman’s celestial new Zodiac & Constellation collection.


Our latest collection to celebrate all things celestial has arrived – Introducing the Zodiac & Constellation collection. Inspired by astrological signs and the beauty of individuality, this collection has been created for you to add an extra sparkle into your personality through delicately engraved necklaces and bracelets.

Each design in the collection corresponds to its own unique constellation or zodiac sign, all aligning with specific birth dates. Full of tiny stars and dainty details, each piece can be hand-engraved into a meaningful keepsake with the names or dates special to you.

Whether you’re celebrating your own little stars or choosing a gift for a truly unique loved one, this collection is perfect for creating everyday reminders of love.

Constellation pieces

Stars Constellation necklace

Stars Constellation chain bracelets

Stars Constellation bracelets

A combination of delicate stars form the shape of your constellation sign, each engraved onto a pastille charm and next to a special name on our Constellation necklace, Constellation bracelet and Constellation chain bracelet.

All available in 18K Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver or 18K Rose Gold Plated, you can personalise these pieces to match your personality.

Zodiac pieces

From Aries the Ram to Capricorn the Goat, each Zodiac sign brings with it unique traits and special meanings. The Zodiac Necklace, Zodiac Bracelet and Zodiac Chain Bracelet can be all personalised with your choice of sign, engraving and metal. Add an extra layer of uniqueness onto our Zodiac Bracelet and choose between 5 different braid colours, ready to mix and match with your little ones and loved ones.

Stars Zodiac Necklace

Star Zodiac chain bracelet

Star Zodiac bracelet

Want to know more about your sign?

Each sign is said to have specific personality traits which are associated to specific birth date. Read below to find out more about your sign:

AQUARIUS 21.01 – 19.02 (Water bearer): Intellectual, kind, optimistic

PISCES 20.02 – 20.03 (Fish): Empathetic, creative, generous

ARIES 21.03 – 20.04 (Ram): Independent, adventurous, determined

TAURUS 21.04 – 20.05 (Bull) Trustworthy, hardworking, reliable

GEMINI 21.05 – 21.06 (Twins): Social, expressive, intelligent

CANCER 22.06- 22.07 (Crab): Imaginative, dependable, caring

LEO 23.07- 23.08 (Lion): loyal, ambitious, confident

VIRGO 24.08 – 23.09 (Virgin): Logical, kind, responsible

LIBRA 24.09 – 23.10 (Balance): Diplomatic, charming, stylish

SCORPIO 24.10 – 22.11 (Scorpion): Dedicated, intuitive, wise

SAGITTARIUS 23.11 – 21.12 (Archer): open-minded, courageous, curious

CAPRICORN 22.12 – 20.01 (Goat): Sincere, disciplined, enthusiastic

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