Thank you Gwyneth!

Yesterday was one of those days when you realise how important luck can be to your business (this and hard work of course). To our surprise, we were featured in GOOP Christmas Gift Guide 2013! For those of you who haven’t heard of GOOP, it’s an American Lifestyle Blog whose Editor-in-Chief is Gwyneth Paltrow! We don’t know yet how they discovered Merci Maman but they seem to love our Children’s Personalised Liberty Charm Bracelet as it’s featured in their Kids Choice Awards!

We’ve had a good night sleep last night dreaming about our new BFF but today is going to be hectic in our little London studio as orders from the US have gone bananas! (not that we are complaining, keep them coming!).

So thank you Gwyneth and the whole GOOP team, you truly made our day!

You can order our Children’s Personalised Liberty Charm Bracelet here.