A Story To Share, A Ring To Wear

A Story To Share, A Ring To Wear

Stacked, statement or special occasion. Eternity ring, everyday wear, or every so often. Always personalised, and always a story to share. Our jewellery tells stories, it connects people to their loved ones and (we hope!) it brings a smile to the wearer’s face each time they look at it.

Rings in particular are so closely linked to the milestones in life, and the deep-rooted connections with loved ones and family. A never-ending shape – what could say everlasting love better than that?

Our two latest styles – the bar ring and the eternity ring showcase yet another way to engrave, and truly personalise your ring to bring back special moments and the joy that comes with them. Be that names, dates, words with meaning or even coordinates – each and every style can be personalised to signify your special moments.

With the launch of our two new styles, and the latest ring edit, we did some digging into the meaning of ring fingers, and the connotations each finger can have. Rings can be worn on each and every finger, but with such unique pieces here at Merci Maman, the close relationships and meaning of each finger make the ring that little bit more special.

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Stuck for size?

As each and everyone’s stories are different, we know your ring sizes are too. Which is why we have a complimentary ring sizer available to order, and sent free of charge to your door. What more could you need?

Simply order here, pop in your details and we will send your ring sizer in the post. Place it onto your finger (it may not look as lovely as our selection of rings but we promise it ensures you order the perfect size and fit…) then take a note of the letter. Now you’re ready for the exciting part – placing your order and bringing your story to life!