Arts & Crafts To Do At Home

Arts & Crafts To Do At Home

We’ve been finding ways to keep ourselves entertained with little bits and bobs that we have laying around the house. Try one of the below for a fun task for you and your little ones.

Toilet Roll Zoo

We stole this great idea from @LifeWithBusbys! Collect a few toilet rolls, grab your paints and some googly eyes, and create any animal you want to.

DIY Wool Hearts

To create these gorgeous wool hearts, cut a cardboard heart shape and choose your favourite colours of wool. You can even choose an outline. Start wrapping and when you’re happy you can tuck the end under. Add some extra wool to hang on a wall!

Elmer The Elephant Milk Bottle

How cute are these! Inspired by the famous Elmer the Elephant, take an empty milk carton and wash this out. Cut to shape to create legs, and using different colour tissue and PVA glue, create a family of Elmer’s.

Blow Painting Pictures

This easy craft only needs three items; paper, paints, and a straw! Using a blank piece of paper, water down your paint (you can use food colouring too) to make a runny consistency. Pour a bit on your paper and using a straw, blow in all directions. You can even add a stencil or use colouring pens after.


*All crafts should be supervised with children at all times. Share your crafts and tag us at @mercimamangifts so we can see what you have all been up to!