August Birth Flower: Gladioli

August Birth Flower: Gladioli

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Symbolising strength, pride and moral integrity, the striking colours and towering stems of a Gladioli represent someone special that we look up to.

Hand-engraved with word, names or dates of your choice, the Birth Flower Necklace makes the perfect gift, packed into a complimentary gift box ready for the birthday girl, all included with a small card that explains a little more of what the flower represents along with a seed packet so she can grow her own wild flowers.

Birth Flower Chart: Gladioli

Did you know:
– Its name came from the Latin word “gladius” which means sword and given the name due to the fact that its leaves and petals are tall, pointed, and long, like a sword?
– Gladioli have also been called xiphium, which comes from the Greek word, xiphios, which also means sword?
– The British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants were often used for medicinal purposes?