Birth Flower – What’s Yours?

Birth Flower – What’s Yours?

Each flower gets strength from its roots, which give it stability, life and growth. It changes and evolves from a small, tender seed to a beautiful blossom, just like a child that grows with the love from its mother. It is unique, as nature intended, but its purpose is the same.

As mums, we all have the same task – to lead, support and love – but each of us has our own personal attitudes, strength and roots. We firmly believe that each of us has the power to share values, build connections and give love – that’s why we engrave each of our pieces by hand to tell your unique story.

Find out what birth flower is yours, and what it represents below…

January Birth Flower

A meaning of love, distinction and fascination, the Carnation is universally loved. It also symbolises luck and gratitude and is often referred to as the flower of the gods.

February Birth Flower

With delicate heart-shaped petals, Violet is a symbol of true love, modesty and virtue. Often used in poems, this flower is a sign of everlasting affection.

March Birth Flower

Blooming with grace & beauty, the Cherry Blossom signifies the beginnings of spring. Its short-lived bloom reminds us that life is beautiful and that every moment should be cherished.

April Birth Flower

A Daisy represents new beginnings and innocence. It is a delicate symbol of the start to a powerful journey, making it the perfect keepsake for anyone taking on a new venture.

May Birth Flower

The beautiful Peony is a symbol of true romance, prosperity and compassion. With its full, rounded bloom, it also embodies prosperity and is regarded as an omen of good fortune.

June Birth Flower

A Rose needs no introduction. Each colour, from red to rainbow, carries a meaning and a message. Whether it’s love, pride or gratitude or joy, a Rose’s symbolism is iconic and ever so pretty.

July Birth Flower

The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and patience and holds a deep spiritual meaning for its wearer. It offers hope that something beautiful can grow from suffering.

August Birth Flower

Symbolising strength, pride and moral integrity, the striking colours and towering stems of a Gladioli represent someone special that we look up to.

September Birth Flower

Aster is a popular daisy-like flower that has grown wild since ancient times. With its colourful beauty, Aster is known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience.

October Birth Flower

The Cosmos flower represents love and beauty and comes in many beautiful colours. It has the nickname the ‘flower of love’ and is also the second wedding anniversary flower.

November Birth Flower

Also known as the ‘Rose of Japan’, the Camellia flower symbolises love, affection, and is used as a gift to express a romantic interest from a secret admirer.

January Birth Flower

With bright red leaves and subtle flowers, a Poinsettia brings festive spirit. Also known as ‘Christmas Star’, Poinsettia is associated with good luck when given to a loved one.

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