Brand Ambassador Rosie Wicks Talks Motherhood

Brand Ambassador Rosie Wicks Talks Motherhood
Our brand ambassador for Collection Précieuse, Rosie Wicks has been a guest on the Merci Maman Podcast, Studio Stories. 

Keep reading to find the best bits and her advice on parenting! 

Eve: Thanks so much for joining us Rosie. Do you want to introduce yourself to our audience? 

Rosie: I’m a mother of two, Indie who is 2 and half and Marley who is 1. I’m a former model so it was nice to be back on set. I’m pretty much a stay-at-home mum with my two babies and you may know me as the wife of Joe Wicks! 

Eve: Yes, a lot of us know you from your modelling days and being married to Joe. How did you guys meet? 

Rosie: We actually met at a rave! My friend was married to his friend who was a DJ which is a good story to tell our kids! We were just friends for ages, and we met up and actually decided to become a couple, we went full force and travelled the world together, got married and had babies!

Eve: Wow I did not know that! Now you have your two children Indie and Marley, how was your pregnancy with them both? 

Rosie: I’m one of those people who loved being pregnant, I did find it really exhausting but I was luckily enough to never suffer from any sickness. I would say my first pregnancy was very different as you are obsessed with it and it’s all you think about all the time.

Then with my second pregnancy, I felt like it flew by.

I didn’t think about it that much as a I was so distracted looking after my first baby. I loved being pregnant though and wearing tight tops to show off my bump!

Eve: Aw nice! Being in the public eye, did you feel any pressure becoming a mother with social media nowadays? 

Rosie: There are great things about social media, but it makes you feel judged and people compare themselves a lot. I don’t personally post that much on social media, but I feel like if I did, then I would feel a lot more pressure. With motherhood and parenting, people can be a lot more judgemental and opinionated. You have to be careful with what you say.

I’m one of those people who looks at social media lot more than posts. I go through phases and sometimes forget it exists! I now unfollow people that don’t make me feel good as I think Instagram should be for inspiring you, not making you feel unhappy. 

Eve: We have had people on the podcast who have said the exact same before! How would you describe your parenting style?

Rosie: I think I’m a laidback parent but I’m the strict one out of us both. The kids know not to ask me for something and to ask dad instead. I try to make sure that if I say no to something, that I stick to it because they learn so quickly that you’re going to give in.

Eve: What have been the highs and lows of motherhood for you? 

Rosie: I feel like being a parent every single day is constant ups and downs. I feel like just getting out the house is very stressful but then 15 minutes later we’re in the park and everyone is happy. I try to see the highs in normal everyday things as I know when I’m older that is what I’ll look back on and miss, like bath time, bedtime and reading books, things like that.

The hardest thing and the biggest low are the sleep deprivation.

When I had my babies, I feel like in the morning you have this adrenaline and you just get up for the day and your fine. Then when they are 6 months old it gets a lot harder and your body can’t cope with it anymore. 


Eve: What’s the best advice you can give to new mothers?

Rosie: Mine is to always accept help and ask for help when you need it. I’m really lucky to have both of our parents nearby so can accept help when we need it as you do need a break. The other thing is to not go crazy reading forums especially when you’re feeding your baby in the middle of the night.

Eve: You and Joe are very fit parents, after having kids did feel any pressure to “snap back into shape”?

Rosie: I recently tried to do a pull up as I thought I could never do one, and I actually surprise myself I could do about 4. I realised it because I’m always carrying a heavy toddler in my arms!

I think there is always pressure to “snap back”, especially when you see pictures all of these LA mums.

Realistically, you have just grown an entire human being in your body and given birth, it takes time. I’m quite luckily enough to have my mum’s genes where I did quite quickly get my old body back. The most important thing is to just not compare, and everyone is different. 

Eve: Yes definitely. Last year you and Joe inspired the nation with your daily PE lessons. Did you ever imagine it would be as big as it was? 

Rosie: At that time I feel like everyone had a good mentality about it and we thought in a couple of months it would be back to normal. I never in a million years thought it would go on for as long as it did or be as big as it is. I’m really proud of Joe, he works so hard and no matter how he felt, he got up and did it in the morning. 

Eve: My personal favourite bit was when Joe let one rip!

Rosie: I knew you were going to say that! It’s so gross! I don’t think it would have been so funny if it wasn’t the way he did it. The velocity at the end when he is so desperate to get it out. 

Eve: What is the main mantra you live your life by and why?

Rosie: Work hard, have fun and be nice. It’s so simple but so true.  

Eve: You have been fabulous, thanks so much for coming on!


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