Bridal Makeup and Jewellery Top Tips

Bridal Makeup and Jewellery Top Tips

As we rapidly approach the summer months, one thing we can look forward to is the return of wedding season! In general, the wedding season spans from late spring all the way to the early autumn months, with August being the most popular choice for UK weddings. Your wedding day should be a memorable occasion, with everything from your bridal bouquet to your dream location meticulously planned. This is why we are so excited to share our interview with professional makeup artist Amy Conway. Featuring top tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh on the big day. As well as our recommendations on delicate pieces that could be the perfect finishing touch!

Meet Amy

Amy bridal makeup

Soon to be mother of two and professional makeup artist Amy Conway joins us this month to chat about all things wedding beauty. However, she does so much more than just weddings! Whether it’s catwalks, red carpet events or even photoshoots (including our own #MyJourney campaign). Amy has what she describes as “the absolute pleasure of working so closely with so many amazing women”.

Our Bridal Beauty Interview With Amy

So Amy, how did you get into your current profession?

I started out in makeup for TV & Film, I loved all the different aspects of makeup, but then moved towards working more with editorial and fashion brands and then worked my to Global Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown.

What are some top tips for your make-up on your wedding day?

Whether you love more of a glow or a little more matte radiance, your foundation should look, fresh, natural and have the longevity to look great all day look. A medium to full coverage with a 12 hour wear will give you a finish that will look great in photos, you can always add an illuminating moisturiser underneath or extra powder on top to manipulate the finish also.

Just because it’s your wedding day, you still want to look and feel like yourself. Opt for a medium coverage that will ensure the skin tone is even throughout, and you can always layer a concealer in areas to give that extra coverage that still looks natural.

Tell us more!

It’s important to take into consideration what’s underneath a foundation. Skincare makes a huge difference in how your make up looks and lasts. Opt for a primer that still adds radiance to ensure you achieve a natural glow that will last all day for you. I love to use Vitamin C in bridal skincare as it instantly brightens and lifts the skin under foundation. And finally stay away from any SPF in skincare, a job of SPF is to bounce back light to protect the skin, however this in flash photography can give that white/overly shiny finish which we don’t want in our wedding day photos. I love BB vitamin enriched face base to prep the skin beautifully before makeup.

It’s so important to apply your foundation with a brush on your wedding day. No matter how clean our hands are, we still have natural oils on our fingertips, so if you do apply with fingers the excess oils can cause the foundation to slip throughout the day. A foundation brush will ensure you get an even, buildable application that looks flawless and lasts throughout the day. For extra oily skin types, you can press a sponge over the skin after application to also soak up any excess oil on the skin.

Any touch up products that brides should keep on hand?

Key touch up products for the day should include a powder to take away any shine, your lip colour top up and a concealer in case there are any tears.

Any other advice?

Getting emotional on your wedding day is natural, so remember always blot- don’t rub. If you do get a little teary, blotting the tears away will ensure you won’t move the makeup underneath. Another great tip is to have your bridesmaid keep a concealer in her bag for you – it’s a quick touch up that can instantly make you look fresher.

What are your everyday go-to products?

For me as a working mum, I love concealer under the eyes! Just a little brightness makes me feel ready to face the day! Concealer, lip balm and blush! My favourite is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon, that shade can make even the dullest of skin days feel fresh and ready to go!

And finally, what is your favourite Merci Maman piece?

By far my favourite Merci Maman piece is the Duchess Necklace! It was a gift my husband got me after our first baby was born, with all the engraving it’s so sentimental and I honestly wear it every single day. Now we are looking forward to adding our second charm to it for baby no.2!

We want to massively thank Amy for sharing her journey as well as the top bridal makeup tips and tricks with us. Be sure to follow her on Instagram over at @bbpro_amyconway!

Our Favourite Bridal Jewellery Pieces

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of bridal jewellery to finish off your wedding day look, we have you covered. Here are three pieces that you could wear on the big day:

Personalised Pearl Drop Necklace, from £139

A classic and understated piece that holds plenty of room for personalisation. Our Personalised Pearl Drop Necklace features a stunning natural pearl charm paired with our signature disc in a metal of your choosing. Simply pick a chain length of your liking and hand-engraved message to wear this piece on your wedding day!

Personalised Pastille Chain Bracelet, at £59

A simply yet stylish piece, our Pastille Chain Bracelet is a perfect option for wedding day jewellery. Especially if you like understated glam. Featuring a delicate chain with a smooth disc and 10 characters of hand-engraving space. This bracelet is also perfect for stacking with other pieces.

Personalised Intertwined Necklace, from £99

Featuring the unique design of two intertwined circles which are meant to symbolise a powerful bond. The Intertwined Necklace has a touch of elegance, making it a great option for incorporating into your wedding day jewellery collection. Make it unique to you by having it personalised with special hand-engraved words that matter the most to you and your groom.

As always we hope that you found this blog post helpful and be sure to share any secret tips you have over on our social media.