Celebrating Motherhood: The Muses of our New Campaign

Celebrating Motherhood: The Muses of our New Campaign

Celebrating motherhood is something that we love to do here at Merci Maman. With motherhood being an integral part of our brand identity, we find it an imperative that motherhood is at the forefront of everything we do from our name to our campaigns to all the lovely mums who make up Merci Maman team.  That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of our Mother’s Day campaign aptly titled My Journey.

Introducing My Journey: Celebrating Motherhood Your Own Way

The five women who represent the #MyJourney campaign

This Mother’s Day we have teamed up with five incredible women to celebrate each of their unique and amazing motherhood journeys. Keep reading to find out all about the inspiring figures who are at the helm of our #MyJourney campaign.

Meet the Models: Who We Are Celebrating Motherhood With

Meet Sevim from @cherubsmagazine

Sevim (otherwise known as Sev) is the Publishing Editor of Cherubs Magazine which is the must have parenting publication in the UK.

In her early 20’s she received the devastating news that having children was not going to happen for her and that she would have to explore different avenues into if it was something that she wanted later in life. By miracle, she unexpectedly fell pregnant naturally with twins!

“It was a very touch and go pregnancy as my health issues were playing a huge part in me being able to carry them safely, in fact I spent a majority of it bed bound. But if that’s what it meant to have them safely, then that’s what I did.”


She spent 7 months fearful every day, of whether her babies were, ok? Whether she was going to be able to look after them? How she was going to afford it? How she was going to work? Every day was a different thought and every day she grew more afraid. She went into labour 6 weeks earlier than planned and was able to safely deliver a boy and girl.

“Knowing they were both ok and safely in my arms, I found all those fears I carried with me during pregnancy slowly leave my mind. As parents we continuously think about how we will handle certain things, but you make it work!”

Her journey to motherhood may have been a difficult story, but it’s one she loves to tell time and time again because of her happy ending.

Meet Sharlene from @curlylittledreams

Next up we have Sharlene, who goes by the Instagram handle @curlylittledreams. She is a mum of two boys Hector and Hugo, who are four and nearly two respectively. And also a step mum to her stepdaughter who is 15.

Describing her pregnancies and journey throughout them, Sharlene says that the experience has been good!

"Having my first son, I think I was really lucky as the birth was amazing with him. I felt like I got into the swing of things quite quickly. Breastfeeding, that was tough, even with both my children but I think overall I am doing okay!"

However, this doesn’t mean that motherhood has been all smooth sailing. She describes it as a balancing act.  Whilst you get the reward of seeing your children’s personalities grow and develop. There is the flipside of trying to find the balance of having you own life as a mother.

"Personally, I feel like I lost a lot of that [life outside of motherhood] and I’m trying to get my confidence back."


Meet Helen from @thetittygritty

The next of our models is the lovely Helen Addis; mum of 3 to Archie, April and Belle. Her day job is features editor at ITV Lorraine. However, she is also the founder of a social enterprise business called The-C-List, which is a cancer community support platform that features tips and tricks to help patients get through their treatment. As well as a curation of cancer-friendly beauty products.

For Helen having children was something that she had always wanted:

"I wanted 5 until I had my first and realised how hard work it is! I decided to have my guys close together because I knew that it would be easier, in the long run, to get the hard bit all over and done with at once! I’m fortunate that I fell pregnant very quickly each time."

However, despite her quick pregnancies Helen has had to juggle her motherhood journey with a cancer diagnosis. A topic that we have covered before, Helen’s cancer journey was what can only be described as tough.

"It was hard to navigate with such young children and it was hard for them to see me so ill. My advice on that is that communication is key. Kids are very resilient but they’re also very perceptive so the more I tried to hide things the more anxious they got. So I made sure I was open and honest at all times with them"


As a full time working mum Helen does have to juggle a work life balance and admits that sometimes she does need to be more in the moment and savour the time she has with them. But when it comes to celebrating motherhood the most rewarding aspect for Helen is seeing her children happy.

Meet Holly from @thebodypositivemum

Coming up next we have the wonderful Holly otherwise known as @thebodypostivemum on Instagram, a 34 year old mother of 3 from Portsmouth.

Holly’s motherhood journey starts 13 years ago when she had her oldest son at 21 years old. As a young mum Holly felt the pressure of feeling like she had to get everything right. However, by the time Holly fell pregnant with her second child she felt that it was something she had wanted so bad that there was no pressure.

"I felt like if I got it wrong it was okay. When I had my eight-year-old, there was no routine and I felt like I got it right. I’ve noticed a huge difference between the way my children love. Sonny, my eldest is very reserved, whereas Luca is very much affectionate and loving. With motherhood I have learnt so much along the way. I don’t regret anything I’ve done but I feel that I’ve learnt lots along the way."

For Holly she credits motherhood for teaching her many things. The first being maturity. Being such a young mother when having her first she felt like she had to grow up overnight. Motherhood has also taught her to not be judgemental and to be kind

"I see how people are treated and I don’t ever want that for my children. I want them to show respect to people, to be kind and to be honest."


Meet Kelly from @itskellyknox

Last but certainly not least we have model and disability representation activist Kelly Knox. Mother of 2 Kelly describes motherhood as the most beautiful, exhausting, challenging journey ever.

"I feel so blessed and so grateful to have my two children, children have a really clever and unique way of showing you ways where you need to show up more, and heal, and they just give so many gifts. It’s all about love and kindness, and care, and nurturing, and I feel so happy and lucky no matter how hard it is at times it’s always so precious."


One of Kelly’s of biggest challenges that came with adjusting to being a mother was the lack of sleep. For her missing out on sleep can cause anxiety and she recalls how she struggle with this with her firstborn Jenson who wasn’t so keen on sleeping from the get-go. But by the time her second child Elsie was born things were different

"I thought ‘is this how babies are meant to be sleeping?’ until she got to about four months and teething happened and then it all went downhill."

Even though it is a massive challenge missing out on all that sleep. Kelly still appreciates all the time she shares with her children. Because for Kelly celebrating motherhood is all about having that bond and that love that is so special between mother and child.

We Want to Hear What Celebrating Motherhood Means To You!

Whilst all these women have incredible #MyJourney stories, they aren’t the only ones we are interested in. We want to hear back from you, our Merci Maman community. With every motherhood journey being personal in its own way. All the highs and all the lows. All the ups and downs. We want to hear them all! Share your motherhood journey with us by tagging our social media and let’s all participate in celebrating motherhood a little more!

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