Christmas 2020 – Meet the Models

We shot our festive campaign in London earlier this year, and as always were excited to shoot two real families and their little ones. For the first time ever, we were lucky to capture four generations of a family – baby Gianluca with his Mum Emilia, grandmother Mary and great-Grandmother Susan! Alongside Emilia and her family, we had mum Hayley and her four-year-old daughter Marlo to help us get in the festive spirit and our Christmas shopping ready to sit under the Christmas tree. 

In the spirit of the festive season we caught up with both families on their old and new traditions, how they will be spending their big day this December and how Christmas celebrations have changed since having a little one. 

Mum Emilia 

Thank you very much for taking part in our Christmas shoot! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, I’m Emilia :-) 

You’re welcome, thanks for having us! I was super happy when asked to be a part of the shoot for the Kindred collection as family really does mean the world to me. 

I did the shoot with my baby Gianluca who is 11 months now (time flies!), he is the happiest little boy and really is everyone’s bundle of joy! 

We also have my full of mystery grandmother Mary and the best mum you could ask for – Mamma Sue! I don’t know what I would do without them! 

What are your plans for Christmas this year?

This year we want to spend Christmas all together in our new home in London! Let’s hope we can make it happen during these difficult times! 

Do you have any Christmas traditions you’d like to share with our community, new or old ones?

I want to start a new tradition this year and make it compulsory that “Santa’ (Daddy or Grandpa) visits Gianluca on Christmas Day.

Are you excited for another Christmas with a little one, how do you think the day will be different?

Last December he was only 2 months old so I’m definitely excited this year! It’s all about him now! I guess with children involved Christmas gets its sparkle back. Christmas magic can never die!

It’s so lovely to see four generations of your family. What do you love most about the relationship between Gianluca and your mum and grandmother?

The bond between my mum and Gianluca is so strong and unique. No one can make him laugh like she can! 

My grandmother is teaching him Chinese! I hope he grows up and can taste all her delicious Malaysian dishes!

Now you have a little one, has it changed your relationship with your own mother and grandmother?

Gianluca has changed all of us immensely. It’s endearing, I have almost reconnected with my mum, in a deeper way. You start to realise that mums really would do anything for you. There is no love like a mother’s love!

Between my grandmother and I – it’s been lovely to see her smile and laugh more, Gianluca is all she talks about! 

A controversial question and everyone has a different answer to this one! When are you planning to put your Christmas tree up this year?

December 1st! 

What are your top tips as a Mum during the busy Christmas season to keep things running smoothly?

Be organised! Stay happy and in the Christmas spirit! 

I’m not usually the organised type but since being a mother to do lists are my new best friend!

What’s your favourite Christmas food that you’re looking forward to this season?

This is a difficult one! My family are English, Italian and Malaysian so you can imagine all the yummy things to eat! I’m definitely looking forward to a classic panettone and some of Mamma Sue’s homemade mince pies! 

Which piece of Merci Maman jewellery have you picked and what special keepsake message have you got engraved on it?

I picked the personalised initial pastille necklace with the letter G engraved for Gianluca! Can’t wait to wear it!

What piece of Merci Maman jewellery would you like to gift to a loved one this Christmas, and what would you get engraved?

This Christmas I would pick the personalised sunray bracelet, and have it engraved with the word “everything”. I would gift it to the ray of sunlight in our family because she really is our everything. 

Grandmother Sue

What are you most looking forward to having Gianluca at Christmas?

His presence, being able to see his cheeky little smile… and making us all laugh endlessly! Especially when he gets up to mischief, he’s full of surprises!!!

What are your usual family Christmas traditions?

Everyone comes home a few days before , ready for the big day where most years we have a different theme, family and cousins around for Xmas dinner, if not sleeping a new board game comes out!

As a grandmother it’s been so lovely to see your relationship with Emilia at the shoot. How is it different having a little one in the family for Christmas this year?

Christmas for me, has become so special again with Gianluca. The thought of a little child around the Christmas tree, ripping open presents and in a few years waiting for Santa!! 
Simply magical!!!!

What piece of Merci Maman jewellery have you picked and what message have you got engraved on it?

The Organic Mix and Match Earrings from the new Kindred Collection are my favourite, with an engraving of a heart and the letter G.

What piece of merci Maman jewellery would you like to gift to a loved one this Christmas and what would you get engraved?

I would like to gift the Hammered Necklace to my daughter, Gianluca’s auntie engraved with the word Zia, which means auntie in Italian.

Mum Hayley

Thank you very much for taking part in our Christmas shoot! What are your plans for Christmas this year? 

We’re hosting Christmas this year, we moved into the most beautiful village in Kent last year and I’ve always wanted to have our family all together at our cottage it’s only small but very cosy. My boyfriend Jordan is a great cook and is looking forward to putting on a feast, we’ll be spending it playing games with my mum, brother, his girlfriend and my little nephew Stanley.

Do you have any traditions, new or old ones?

My mum always used to put a scratch card under our dinner mat along with a penny, we’re yet to scoop anything over £2 but it’s a nice tradition after a big dinner. Since having Marlo, i have persuaded Jordan to don matching Christmas PJs along with our dogs, Gypsy and Pansy which i can tell he really loves!!!!! 

How do you think Christmas changed since you have a little one in the family?

Christmas is so much more special for all of us now we have Marlo, she has just turned 4 years old and asks us if it’s nearly Christmas from August onwards. We love the build up as much as the actual day, we visit Father Christmas at Hever Castle and go the beautiful Bedgebury Pinetum Lights.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas now you have Marlo to share it with?

This year has been difficult, but every day we feel so lucky to have a happy healthy daughter in Marlo. We both love this season, but seeing her face in the morning makes all of the preparation worth it. 

What is your favourite Christmas activity to do with your little one during the festive season – making a gingerbread house or snuggling up to watch a Christmas film for example?

Last year we took Marlo on a Christmas Horse ride at a local pony sanctuary, they rode through a forest to find the Elf’s cabin who read them a traditional Christmas Story, it was lovely and all the children promised to be good as they know Father Christmas is watching! We always make Christmas Cards with Marlo and now that she’s started school this year we will need to start earlier to make 30 more than last year. 


A controversial question and everyone has a different answer to this one! When are you planning to put your Christmas tree up this year?

We don’t really have a traditional time that we put up the tree, as desperate as Marlo is to put it up early, we have a house cat called Melon who likes to play with the baubles which means tree pines everywhere. It’s normally mid December on a Sunday, all 3 of us decorate the tree however i can’t deny that i do re-jig the lights and baubles when Marlo goes to bed. 

What’s little Marlo’s favourite thing about Xmas?

This year we have a real log fireplace, when we lived in London we used to say Father Christmas left pressies in the porch but the big man can come down the chimney now. Marlo loves Christmas eve, putting out a beer, a biscuit, mince pie and carrots for the reindeers. 

What are your top tips as a Mum during the busy season to keep things running smoothly?

I’ve always worked through Christmas in the Fashion Industry, and it’s not until I became a mum that i realised how crazily organised mums were and that grotto tickets sell out in the Summer! This year of course has been out of sorts but i would say make a plan of things you’d like to do as early as you can and sign up to website mailing lists as a lot of tickets go onsale to their databases first. Keep an eye on your inbox and book as soon as tickets go on sale, agree with friends if you’re going to book together and help each other out. This year, My friend booked the Pantomime, i’ve booked ice skating and our other friend has booked Father Christmas. Don’t underestimate the speed of which other parents get their first!!!! 

What’s your favourite Christmas food that you’re looking forward to this season?

We’re going to attempt a bird in a bird on Christmas Day, but I actually love boxing day left overs. We always have a buffet the next day and try to see more family friends. 

Which piece of Merci Maman jewellery have you picked? What special keepsake message have you got engraved on it?

It was really hard to decide, they’re all so pretty and who doesn’t love the fact they’re personalised. I’ve gone for the Intertwined Necklace; I will wear it every day. We would love to expand our family and hopefully I can add to the necklace in the future. 

What piece of Merci Maman jewellery would you like to gift to a loved one this Xmas, and what would you get engraved?

At the shoot I fell in love with the children’s fabric bracelets, they looked so pretty and Marlo loved the little charm. I would like to get it for Marlo for Christmas and put the date on it including the year as it’s been such a surreal 2020 I would like it to be a keepsake of the year she started school but also a year that she will remember for the rest of her life.