Christmas Jewellery Gift Sets & Ideas: 5 tips

Christmas Jewellery Gift Sets & Ideas: 5 tips

With Christmas around the corner, have you thought about what to get your loved ones this year? If not, do not worry. We have you covered with our gift sets & ideas. We can help make the decision for you. Our jewellery experts are here to help.

Christmas Jewellery: 5 Tips for the perfect gift!

We know Christmas can be a stressful time of the year. So to ease stress, we have come up with five tips for the perfect gift this Christmas. Follow our tips to help sort your Christmas gifting this year. And to make it a fun & enjoyable experience. As it should be!

1. Make it personal: A sentimental gift goes a long way. Small touches like engraving a name or date onto a special keepsake can help make it the perfect Christmas gift. From personalised necklaces to embossed jewellery cases, find something suited to their style and add that meaningful touch.

2. Quality over quantity: A Christmas gift doesn’t need to break the bank but at the same time, don’t opt for the cheapest option out there. Family and friends, including us, value the quality of a gift. When something is of good condition, the receiver will honour it even more. An easy example of this is the many Christmas jewellery options. If you give your bestie a bracelet

3. Be respectful: Generosity at this time of the year is often expected due to the nature of festivities. However, no-one wants to feel outshined or like you are in a competition. Even though quality it better than quantity, respect the family dynamic or Secret Santa value. No one likes a show off!

4. Understand the family dynamic: If you are buying for a god daughter, niece or nephew, or someone else child, respect the family wishes. We have all heard to any horror stories of the unwanted pet turning up on Christmas Day. Let’s learn the lesson and if ever unsure, just ask.

Latest Christmas Collection: discover our gift sets!

From Christmas jewellery gift sets to our top picks for paring accessories, shop our gift sets suited to every occasion. We have compiled together our top picks for the festive season. Treat yourself, your loved one or family member.

mandala necklace

For the ones who love to match:

Are you and your partner a fan of matching? With our new unisex collection which launched earlier in the year, we have plenty of options this festive season to wear matching styles. From bracelets to necklaces, choose the set which suits the two of you the best!

For the ones who love to layer:

We love layering here at Merci Maman. And with the festive season in full swing, sparkle your way into the Christmas parties with our favourite layering pieces! A key contender is our Initial Pastille Necklace and Signature Disc shown in the picture below.

If bracelets are more your thing, don’t miss out on purchasing our Personalised Flat Bangles this year. At the great price of £39, these are not only affordable but make the perfect bangle stack! And even better that you can personalise with up to 60 characters for that subtle yet sentimental touch.

For the ones who have lots:

If you are one who can never throw old jewellery away or has an attachment to every piece, this gift set is for you. Our brand new Jewellery Box which launched not too long ago is the perfect Christmas gift. With organic cotton and vegan leather, you don’t need to worry about sustainability. Our Care & Cleaning Kit goes hand-in-hand to ensure those stored away keepsakes are always sparkling.