Creative Ways To Stay Connected

Creative Ways To Stay Connected

These troubling times have forced us all to be apart from friends, family and loved ones when we need each other’s support more than ever. However, this need not mean we don’t have fun together – we just have to be a bit more creative! Here are a few imaginative ideas to keep in contact with your nearest and dearest. 

For a few of these, you will need to use your preferred method of social networking, be it Facetime, Whatsapp or Houseparty. 


Have a fancy dress phone call

A great way to spice up your video call catch-ups! Leave it up to your guests to be as inventive as they can or choose a theme, you’ll be surprised what people have knocking around the house. Great themes include silly hats (you’ll mainly be able to see people’s top half anyway!), dress up as a member of your household or DIY costumes – kids will stay entertained making a costume they can show off later! 


Do a quiz via video

This involves a little planning but is worth it in the end. Elect a knowledgable friend as quiz master or write the quiz yourself and reuse with multiple friendship groups. We’re yet to work out how to stop the most competitive participants from cheating – hands visible at all times, please! 


Send activities and games

With many families finding it hard to keep everyone occupied during long hours at home, a parcel of games and activities would be much appreciated! Be creative with what you include – write a story for little ones that they can illustrate themselves, include templates for them to colour or send on any games and puzzles that you’ve completed so that someone else can give them a go.


Have a treasure hunt 

Another way to keep phone contact exciting! Make a list of household items and challenge your friends to find them and show them on camera first – points go to the fastest! Think of items from every room to keep them on their toes, or be particularly sneaky and ask them to find things with particular colours, textures or that make a certain sound.


Make a playlist 

Lots of people are turning to dance to keep them occupied and energised, create a playlist of your favourite songs and share it for all of your friends and family to enjoy. Challenge the kids to make up dances and learn the words – then you can have a family danceathon and sing-along! 

Make a photo album

Now that we all have a little more time on our hands this could be the perfect opportunity to sort through old photos and create albums, either hard copies to send or online to share. A great way to stay positive and focus on good times past, present and future.