Easter Crafts For You and Your Kids!

Easter Crafts For You and Your Kids!

Eating chocolate may be at the top your kids list this Easter weekend. To find some fun ideas for everyone to get involved with, keep reading!

For many, the easter weekend is the first chance to decorate your house for spring and to celebrate the days getting longer and the weather warmer. Dipping, dyeing and decorating eggs is an easter holiday essential, but there’s plenty of other fun crafts to do with your little ones this weekend.

We spoke to a few members of our community who have shared their top tips! 

We caught up with Katie from @darlingmama_ who shared this gorgeous picture on her Instagram last week, featuring her decorated Easter Eggs. 

These are just lovely! How did you come up with the idea to do this? 

We decorated some eggs last year so though we would give it a go again. 

And how did you make them?  

I love making gypsophila crowns for my daughter so I made a mini one for one of the eggs. The blossom one is cute little blossom flowers glued to a ribbon and the others are made from dried flowers we had in the house. Indi did her own set but dropped a couple on the floor and her hands ended up covered in marker pen but that was all part of the fun.  

Did Indi enjoy getting involved? 

Indi absolutely loves crafting and cooking with me, the set she did didn’t quite look like this but she was super proud. 

Any top tips you would share with other mums on how to get creative with your little ones this easter? 

Get yourself on Pinterest and search for Easter crafts as there’s so many great ones. We keep a little craft box in the garage we get out any time we want to make stuff, it’s so handy to have. 

Do you have any easter traditions?

We love going to the Easter egg hunt at our local national trust site but unfortunately it won’t be happening this year so we will do one in the garden. I’m actually doing my first photography mini sessions this year! It’s going to be a fully styled, outdoor, socially distanced shoot so I’ve been spending the last month purchasing beautiful Easter props. I’m praying for lovely weather.

We also spoke to our Marketing Intern, Lucy who surprised us in the office with these gorgeous, and very tasty Easter themed cupcakes! 

Can you tell us a little about what you made? 

I’ve made some chocolate cornflake easter nests. They are very simple and just consist of 4 ingredients! They are the perfect thing to make with the whole family!

You will need:

  • 4oz butter 
  • 1oz Cocoa Powder
  • 4 tbsp Golden Syrup
  • Cornflakes

Here are the steps below: 

  1. The first step is to heat a saucepan on a medium heat and add the butter
  2. Once the butter has melted down add the golden syrup and the cocoa powder and stir until combined
  3. Take off the heat and start adding in the cornflakes. Add in a little at a time until they are all completely covered in the chocolate mixture
  4. Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and add a mini egg on top for decoration 
  5. Put in the fridge for 1 hour to set
  6. Take them out and enjoy!
Any top tips on making sure they are easter related?

I added some mini eggs on the top of mine and served them in easter cupcake holders, with an Easter-themed napkin. But you could go all out with the decoration! You could add some small chicks to put on top. 

Where was the inspiration behind making them?

They are a quick and simple treat to make for Easter. Everyone in the family can enjoy them, I know mine did! My mum always used to make them for me and my sister when we were young as a treat on the weekends so it brings back lots of childhood memories.

So would you say this is an Easter tradition?

Yes for sure but I would make them all year round! I would normally make lots at easter to take some round to friends and family. With lockdown this year it will just be me, my sister and my mum enjoying them!

Checkout our Merci Maman TikTok for the whole recipe! 

Lastly, we spoke to Laura from @lauralawton, on her Easter crafts top tips!

We have seen from your Instagram that you and Luna have been doing lots of arts & crafts in the build up to Easter! Can you explain a little about what you have been making?

So I and luna have been making Easter hats, decorating eggs and also making Easter cake pops! Also has been helping me flower arrange for our Easter table.

Does your daughter, Luna enjoy getting involved? 

Luna absolutely loves getting involved! She’s very hands-on and loves eating the leftovers whilst she’s waiting.

Have you got any top tips about how to get creative this Easter weekend?

The best thing about doing Easter decor and crafts and is most things you can find round your house or in your garden. 

Do you have any Easter traditions you and your family will be doing this weekend?

I always do an Easter table on Easter Sunday and an afternoon tea set up! So we can’t wait for that! Luna’s old enough now she can do a egg hunt so we are looking forward to that