From Us, To You

From Us, To You

We have thought long and hard about how best to handle our messaging to you during this frankly surreal time and we have questioned what we think you want to see and how we should be addressing it. Back and forth, back and forth we have gone deciding what to be during this time. Informative? Educational? Upbeat?

Then came the question: Are we overthinking this?

At Merci Maman, positivity is rewarded greatly. We believe that optimism trumps all and other than us trying to figure it all out and get this absolutely spot on, we just want to give you a break. We have seen an abundance of scare-mongering headlines, shop shelves that reflect an anxiety-ridden country and plenty of upset. We do not want to add to that. We want to be as best we can, an online refuge, a little bit of light-hearted relief and a community that has your back.

From here on out, we’re going to focus on the positives and only the positives. Yes, you may see a little information from us that we think will help you, for instance, blog posts on the best Netflix shows, or the best books we’ve read, or creative ways to pass the time with a family at home, but this comes from a place of love and sharing. Our teams have come together, from our Country Manager to our Production Teams, to try to help and if all we achieve is just one smile on one person’s face, frankly, we’ve succeeded in our aim.

If there’s something you want to see, something you want us to share, please get in touch with us by dropping us a DM.

With love,
The Merci Maman Team x