5 Halloween Crafts for Children

5 Halloween Crafts for Children

It’s that time of the year again where your little ones are off from school and Halloween is only a few days away. We’ve hand-picked a selection of ‘easy peasy’ crafts to keep the kids of all ages occupied until it’s officially time for trick-or-treating! Many of these crafts can be made with household items and things you already have around the house or only require a few, easy to purchase items. These crafts require adult supervision and younger children may need some help, especially with using scissors.

Halloween Crafts for Children

Ghost handprint art

This one may be a little messy but hand-painting can be a really fun and simple activity for you and your children to do together. Simply paint your little ones or your own hands with white paint and press onto dark card or paper. Let your handprint dry and add ghostly features with a black pen or paint.

Pumpkin garland

Grab some orange card and get your little ones to draw pumpkin shapes and pumpkin faces with pencils. If you are creating this garland with a particularly little one, it may be easy to draw the pumpkin outline yourself and have them fill it in! Cut the pumpkins out and make a small slit at the top to thread your string or twine through. The garland is perfect for decorating your ‘haunted’ house for Halloween!

Gingerbread mummies

This craft can be made using home-baked gingerbread men using your favourite recipe or you can opt for the shop-bought version like we did. Melt some white chocolate or icing and drip ontothe biscuit using a blunt knife or spoon to create mummy-like bandages. This craft is particularly easy for younger children and not to mention delicious!

Spiderweb brownies

To create these spooky treats, simply use melted white chocolate or a white icing pen to draw spiderweb patterns all over some delicious brownies. These can again be either shop-bought or made at home which are both equally tasty options. We enjoyed making (and eating) these at our London atelier!

Painted rocks

On your next autumnal walk, pick up a variety of different stones to create this craft. After washing and leaving your stones to dry, you can create a variety of spooky and cute characters with a paintbrush, paints, and your imagination! Here are a few of our favourite designs:

We hope you enjoy all our Halloween craft ideas for you and your family to try this weekend. If you’ve had a go at any of these, we would love to see them over on Instagram.

Happy Halloween!