How to Layer Necklaces: Styling Tips

How to Layer Necklaces: Styling Tips

Fashion trends typically come and go but layering necklaces has been a staple look for many years. Layering necklaces is a great way to make a statement with any outfit and for any occasion, and is a fun form of self-expression. When it comes to creating your layering look, it ultimately comes down to your own individual taste. You can choose to make it simple and dainty or extravagant and bold – it is entirely up to you! Plus, wearing multiple necklaces lets you enjoy more of your jewellery collection, and who doesn’t love that? Here are some of our helpful tips to help you discover how to layer necklaces...

Our Top Tips for Layering Necklaces

Consider the length of the chain

At Merci Maman, we typically offer 3 different chain lengths – 45cm, 60cm & 80cm. Some of our necklaces are adjustable to as short as 38cm. The different lengths of these chains allow for a clean, put-together layered look, and ensure the necklaces are appreciated both separately and collectively. We usually recommend stacking 3 or more necklaces, so you could opt for one of each chain length!

Consider chain weight

There are many different styles of chains to consider when creating the perfect layered look. This means there is something out there for everyone! Try pairing thicker, chunkier chains like our Love Links Necklace with our delicate and dainty 9 Carat Gold Necklace. This would create visual variety and an elaborate, eye-catching look.

Choose a centrepiece

The focal point of your look is entirely up to you and is the part of your look that will draw the most attention. This could be in the form of an eye-catching pendant, textured disc or even a pop of colour in the form of a birthstone or gemstone. Our birthstones & gemstones all hold different meanings, adding a personal touch and deeper meaning to your style.

Consider mixing metals

An increasingly popular approach. Layer with a mix of 925 sterling silver necklaces and 18k gold-plated necklaces and create an entirely unique and personalised look. This is a particularly interesting idea but can definitely be effective, especially when the chains themselves are otherwise the same!

Consider a hand-engraved piece

Here at Merci Maman, hand-engraving your precious memories in the form of names, dates or little messages to create a forever keepsake is what we are best at. Adding a personalised piece to your stack allows you to create an entirely unique look and will help you keep your loved ones close no matter where you are!

Check out some of our favourite pieces to layer below to get some inspiration!

Our favourite Merci Maman layering looks

If you are officially inspired, check out the rest of our beautiful pieces over on our website and show us your layered looks over on our social media. We can't wait to see what you come up with!