International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Here’s to the courageous, the amazing and the inspirational girls and women we know and love. Here’s to the women we work with, grew up with, look up to and the ones we’re now raising today – to the future and all the possibilities for the next generation. Here’s to International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day couldn’t be a bigger celebration at Merci Maman. We champion and uplift the women we know, raise and work with on a daily basis, and are constantly in awe and sheer admiration of the female force behind our brand.

The women who wear our product, the next generation that they are raising and each and every inspiring woman and girl that we are lucky to come into contact with through our brand. Mothers, aunties, sisters, friends and daughters who come in all shapes and sizes and are raising the future. International Women’s Day for us is all about values that are passed down between generations and the self-confidence inspired by the women we know. The powerful relationship between mother and daughter, and the role model that mothers are for the daughters they are raising. 

As a team made up of 94% women and a brand founded by the inspiring entrepreneur Béatrice, we truly are a female run business and couldn’t be prouder of the fact. We see strong women raising strong women every day at work and to highlight the occasion, we’ve spoken with the most important people within our Merci Maman family – the children and the mothers behind our brand. The daughters and sons of the women within the Merci Maman team, the children being raised by the women we admire the most. To celebrate the future and all the possibilities for the next generation, to raising strong and inspirational children who can take on the world. 

Watch the interviews with the Merci Maman Family below!

To honour IWD this year we have created the Raising the Future Bracelet, with an exclusive orange or natural ribbon and illustration, to be worn between a mother and daughter. A talisman, designed as a constant reminder to daughters, granddaughters, nieces, or a loved one that they are strong, and will always achieve great things when they put their minds to it. They are an inspirational female being raised by the best, and the bracelet is intended to always remind them of that. 

For the bracelet illustration we commissioned an in-house competition, asking our teams for their interpretation of IWD and as expected, they truly delivered. With plenty of fantastic ideas to choose from, Alice from our French office designed the heart illustration which was voted number one. Her design is to represent the idea of raising a daughter, always keeping her in your heart and protecting her with your arms, but with the incomplete larger heart leaving space for her to grow into her own woman.  

Unfortunately, this bracelet is no longer available to purchase. Please visit our website to see our other personalised engraved bracelets.