Introducing Merci Maman: Studio Stories

Introducing Merci Maman: Studio Stories, a weekly podcast that tackles topics on all things parenthood. From IVF to post-natal fitness and loneliness, we know parenting is an unpredictable rollercoaster, with up’s and down’s unique to each and every one – there’s no two experiences alike. 

Throughout the years, we’ve heard so many stories pass through our little studio – some helpful, some heart-warming and some hilarious. Through the filters and polish of social media, it can be hard to navigate the crazy ride that is parenthood and we desperately wanted to find a way to share the imperfectly perfect stories that we’ve so enjoyed being a part of. And so Merci Maman: Studio Stories was born.

Available on Entale, Apple Podcasts & Spotify, we have so many hopes for our little recorded chats we’re publishing and in all honesty, we’d be happy if we just achieved one. So here’s our wishlist: 

– We hope it will spread awareness and solidarity for the things we sometimes find hard to speak about. 

– We hope it will make you laugh and that you don’t mind some profanity (Mrs Hayward, we’re looking at you!)

–  We hope it will educate – our speakers are so insightful it left us in awe.

– We hope it helps, in any way big or small. 

 But finally and most important of all, we hope you enjoy it because we most certainly did whilst creating it.  

The Merci Maman Team x