Jewellery Made for Mother and Daughter: The Beaded Edit

Jewellery Made for Mother and Daughter: The Beaded Edit

From the moment that a pregnancy is conceived, the bond between mother and child can be so powerful. A love that is truly pure and unique. Our newest collection aims to reflect the sentimental relationship that a mother shares with their child. Designed to symbolise the nurturing nature of maternal love our latest launch, titled the Beaded Edit, features pieces meant to be worn by you and your little one! Comprised of new designs that incorporate intricate beaded detailing. Browse through this collection of timeless designs to find the perfect piece for you and your mini-me. Keep reading to explore the brand-new Beaded Edit and gain the perfect Mother-Daughter jewellery engraving inspiration

Mother-Daughter Jewellery Pieces to Cherish: Explore The Beaded Edit

Connected through beaded detailing. Showcase the intimacy and closeness of your bond with your child with 5 brand new classic pieces. Perfect for personalising with a heartfelt message!

Children’s Personalised Oval Beaded Bracelet, at £49 and the Personalised Oval Beaded Chain Bracelet, at £69

For Mama & Mini … This bracelet is the perfect matching piece of jewellery for you and your little one to wear. Available in both 18K Gold Plating and 925 Sterling Silver. This dainty chain bracelet features delicate beading around the perimeter of the central engravable disc. Personalise this piece with a special secret message that is just for the two of you to know.

Children’s Personalised Oval Beaded Necklace, at £79 and the Personalised Oval Beaded Necklace, at £89

Be connected with your little one with a personalised twinning piece. Our new Oval Beaded Necklace is the pinnacle of subtle yet stylish Mother-Daughter jewellery with a sentimental touch. Made to celebrate the intimate connection you share with your child. Reflect the love you have for them by personalising this beaded piece with a sweet message. Available in both 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plating.

Personalised Dog Tag Necklace, at £89

Keep your little ones close to your heart with this necklace. A classic and heartfelt piece, the new Personalised Dog Tag Necklace features an abundance of engraving space that you should fill with words that reflect the love you have for your children.

Beaded Edit Engraving Inspiration

This collection is all about reflecting the love you have for your child. The engraving you choose can be just as important as the piece itself. Your chosen engraving should celebrate the memories that you share with your little one and showcase the intimacy of your relationship. To help you pick the perfect engraving we have provided some tips and ideas below.

Mother-Daughter Jewellery Engraving Inspiration

1 . Key dates that mean the most to you – Time is precious. So why not celebrate the moments of time that are most special to you by having them hand-engraved on one of our Beaded keepsakes to be treasured. We recommend the date you became a mother or a special anniversary. And if you are looking to mix things up why not try using Roman Numerals!

2 . Names and places that hold significance in your relationship – At Merci Maman, our jewellery is meant to hold personal meaning. This is why we encourage you to engrave words that hold a special meaning. Whilst the name of your children alone can make a great engraving. Here are some alternative ideas that you could try!

  • The location in which you gave birth
  • Nicknames that you have for one another
  • The latitude and longitude of a special location

3 . An engraving that you and your mini can keep close to your hearts – Use your hand-engraved piece as a way to say I love you. Here is some heartfelt engraving inspiration that you could use to make your beaded piece extra special

‘You’re my greatest adventure, ‘Love at first sight / (their name)’, ‘Mama & Olivia / Olivia & Mama’, ‘Love you forever’ and of course ‘Like mother, like daughter’

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the collection over on our social media. Happy shopping!