Jewellery Trends To Try This Spring Season

Jewellery Trends To Try This Spring Season

After what seemed like an endless winter, the days are finally getting longer and the temperature getting warmer! All the way back in December, we went through what some of our favourite jewellery trends were. But finally, as the season changes, so do the trends. Whilst winter was mainly dominated by delicate styles and classic pieces. Spring is all about being playful. Therefore, chunky chains, playful pops of colour, statement pieces and more all feature on what we think are the most stylish Spring trends for 2022! Keep reading to find out more….

Exciting Spring Trends to Try This Season

Revamp your Jewellery this spring with the following three trends.

Spring Trend 1: Brilliant Bursts of Colour

Add a unique touch to the usual Silver or Gold by injecting some colour into your pieces! Using one of our dazzling gemstones or brightly coloured birthstones and adding to one of your existing pieces is a great way to rework the item for spring! On the other hand, if you find that a large stone is too bold for your liking, our Personalised Birthstone Chain Pieces may be the perfect pieces for you! Featuring just a subtle hit of colour, it’s the perfect way to add an understated brightness to your jewellery collection.

Spring Trend 2: Chunky Chic Gold Chains

For Spring 2022, a common accessory to see on the runway is chunky gold chains. As a result, we have seen this detail added to shoes, belts, even clothes alongside being utilised as jewellery. So, to emulate this look we recommend pieces from our brand new Love Links collection. For instance, our Love Links Necklace, which features a uniquely bold necklace, which you can personalise by having the charm engraved with words of your choice. This is a necklace that is also perfect for experimenting with when it comes to layering!

Spring Trend 3: Fantastic Floral Accents

Florals and spring almost go hand in hand with how well they pair together. So why not add some floral pieces into your collection? Add some flower power into your collection by browsing through our Birth Flower Range. With up to 12 flowers to choose from pick the piece you desire most and personalise with the flower of your choice. To finish, have the piece personalised with a complimentary hand engraved phrase in our signature French style.

Pieces to Refresh your Jewellery Collection With

If you are not looking to add a drastic change to your jewellery collection, these three trends are a great way to add some fresh pieces into your collection.

Spring Trend 4: Silver Standouts

Are you committed to gold jewellery? This spring may be the perfect time to give a different metal a try. Being seen on multiple runways, silver seems to be having its moment this season. A cooler toned metal, silver is great for wearing alone or mixing with other metals like gold and rose gold. With a wide variety of our pieces, from rings all the way to necklaces, being available in silver why not get one of your favourite pieces in silver this spring?

Spring Trend 5: Name-inspired Pieces

Names and initials are a great way to personalise your pieces. And this is something that we specialise in. Our pieces are carefully hand-engraved by our skilled team of engravers. With notable figures like Kate Middleton and Carla Bruni having been spotted wearing our personalised pieces, there are countless ways to make a piece yours. From our Personalised Alphabet Necklace to our Initial Pastille Bracelet, there are multiple ways to wear your name or the name of those closest to you.

Spring Trend 6: Conscious Choices

Conscious consumption is something that we are working towards at Merci Maman. With consumers feeling the need to make greener decisions. Which is why we are proud of Collection Précieuse; made exclusively from 18K Recycled gold. With some of our favourite pieces being part of the collection, we recommend The Fine Flat Bangle, which features a timeless design and a delicate safety chain attachment to ensure that the bracelet does not fall off and stays close to your wrist.

Let us know which of these trends you’ll be trying this spring over on our social media!