July Birth Flower: Lotus


Birth Flowers

The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and patience and holds a deep spiritual meaning for its wearer. It offers hope that something beautiful can grow from suffering.

Hand-engraved with words, names or dates of your choice, the Birth Flower Necklace makes the perfect gift, packed into a complimentary gift box ready for the birthday girl, all included with a small card that explains a little more of what the flower represents along with a seed packet so she can grow her own wildflowers.

July Birth Flower

Did you know:
– It’s India’s national flower and is symbolic in Buddhism and Hinduism for wealth, prosperity, purity and fertility.
– The lotus flower species is native to Asia, and most predominantly in India and China.
– The most common colour variations of the lotus flower is pink and white.
– In Egyptian mythology, the Lotus is associated with the sun, as it flowers by day and closes by night.