Lockdown Gifting for the Loved One You’re Missing

Lockdown Gifting for the Loved One You’re Missing

Who would have thought back in March 2020 we would be entering yet another year with a national lockdown in play? Not us! Some say spending months on end locked inside has provided us with new & wonderful ways to enjoy our time. Whether that is rediscovering an old hobby, learning a new one, or simply being thankful for the endless time spent with your little ones, it has certainly been a memorable one! Others have undoubtedly found it a lot harder and that too is perfectly okay. No way is the right way to get through these never-ending months, but something it has taught us is the value of friendships & families 

In a time where zoom quizzes are the new Friday night and homeschooling is a reality, sending or receiving personalised, meaningful gifts has never been so longed-after. As many of you know, here at Merci Maman pride ourselves on creating personal hand-engraved keepsakes to keep your special memories and loved ones always close. But we are not the only ones…

To make your choice a little easier, we have put together a Lockdown Gift Guide. Check out some of our favourite pieces to send to a friend you know is struggling, a partner you have been away from or a family member who you deeply miss. We are here to help brighten the mood and to lift spirits; just because you can’t physically be with your loved ones doesn’t mean you can’t feel connected to them.

1. Personalised Flat Bangle, from £39

Flat Bangles

2. Personalised Signature Disc Necklace, from £79
3. Bloom & Wild’s ‘Just Because’ Flowers, from £26

3. Personalised Beaded Disc & Birthstone Necklace, from £129  

5. Martha Brook ‘You Totally Got This’ Softback Notebook, from £12.95

8. Personalised Intertwined Bracelet, from £59

We hope you received some much-needed inspiration and of course, our dm’s and emails are always open if you need any further advice on the perfect gift to send to a loved one