Meet Our Engravers

Meet Our Engravers

Engraving is the perfect way to personalise any piece of jewellery. Here at Merci Maman, we make your words come to life with a meaningful message, chosen by you and then hand-engraved here in our London workshop. 

Behind the products are our very own engravers, with their own stories to tell...

Meet our engravers, Barbara & Lucie



How long have you been an engraver for?

Barbara: I have been an engraver for over 3 years

Lucie: For 2 years!

What is your favourite Merci Maman piece?

Barbara: The Intertwined Necklace

Lucie: A Signature Disc Necklace

What do you like the most about working as an engraver?

Barbara: Seeing all the different personalisations from our customers. Apart from all the baby names and dates we engrave, there are so many lovely emotional messages, private jokes, kind messages of support, love notes and even the odd marriage proposal! There have also been few naughty messages which I can’t repeat here…! It reminds me that what are doing here is spreading a lot of love and happiness around the world

Lucie: I love discovering sweet messages other than names, like today I engraved a message saying “You make my heart smile” , because for me it is all that Merci Maman is about, sharing all the love through jewellery. 

I am always disappointed when we received orders that are not to be engraved / get super excited when customers send back their jewellery to add an additional name because their family grew. Their jewellery has become a real keepsake and I then feel super proud to be engraving them.

A funny anecdote about engraving that you want to share with us...

Barbara: I love listening to music while I engrave, anything from opera to heavy metal, depending on my mood

Lucie: When I first started working here, before engraving real orders, I had to practise my engraving for many hours, to master the French cursive handwriting and the technique (to center the words on the charms etc). I will always remember the day my first piece that was approved by the other experienced engraver – it was a signature disc engraved with “One Day at a time”. Ever since then, signature discs have been my favourite charm to engrave.

I always engrave with some music on, usually listening to rap or singing out loud.

I also once engraved a piece with “Will you be my girlfriend?” which I thought was really cute.

Thank you for reading more about us and we hope you enjoyed our talented engravers' stories! What would you get engraved on your special keepsake? Share it with us on social media.