Meet The Entwined Collection

Meet The Entwined Collection

Our latest launch, the Entwined Collection has been created to capture the close connections with the people who matter the most. Six intricate pieces, from earrings, to rings, bracelets or necklaces and all hand-engraved with your keepsake message. 

The collection celebrates the awe-inspiring female form. Also, the entwined beauty of a woman’s body and the inspirational things it is capable of. Through growing babies and raising children, it makes you who they are today. The intertwined experience that shape a person’s life are ones to never forget.

Celebrating the female form in all its diversity, nobody the same and no experience of motherhood similar. To the courage, the unique, entwined experience of being a woman and feeling comfortable in your skin. To the women in all different stages of their journey of motherhood. All with their own unique stories to tell and experiences to share. 

For our latest entwined collection, we worked with three different mothers, all on their own unique journey of parenthood. This showcased their own special mother and child relationship with the ones they love. We caught up on their own experiences 

Profile 1 – Pregnant and first-time mother to be, Stevie 

How do you feel about being a mum for the first time, are your emotions changing as you get closer to birth?

Being a first-time mum my feelings are overwhelming with joy, nerves & excitement to meet my little boy.


How has being pregnant in lockdown been for you?

I’ve found being pregnant in lockdown quite easy, I feel like I haven’t missed out on too much socially 

How has it felt to watch your bump grow and know you’re getting closer to meet your child near the end of the pregnancy?

Watching my bump grow is such a wonderful powerful feeling the woman’s body is amazing can’t believe I’m growing a tiny human!

Profile 2 – Margarita and her daughter Luna

How did your life change when you became a mother?

Being a mum has helped me discover the beautiful colours I have within. I’ve learned so many new things about myself and kindled old passions as I tried to navigate through motherhood. Out of the hazy time of raising a newborn, I realised I was a newborn too and we were on the journey together. Every time I feel confident about a new routine or my abilities as a mother my daughter changes, every day is a new experience.

What is the best thing about being Luna’s mother?

Nothing is better than the physical connection I have with Luna. The never-ending hugs and kisses, the gentle tickles, the way she puts her hand on my chest when I’m putting her to sleep and she looks into my eyes. The way her little hand so perfectly entangles mine – those little sweet touches and connections are so very dear to me.

What advice would you give to first time mothers?

Create space for yourself while respecting your little one’s needs. The book ‘The little book of self care for new mums’ was my bible!

Profile 3 – Stacey and Mum, Joanna

How has your relationship with your mother changed as you have grown up?

My relationship with my mother has only grown stronger, especially since moving to London. I know she’s only a phone call away if I need anything. 

What is the best piece of advice your mother has given you/the best thing she’s taught you?

The best advice my mother had given me is to “do what makes you happy”. Whether that’s in my job or my relationships.

What makes you most proud of your mum?

I’m proud of my mum in every way possible. She’s a selfless woman who’s supported me and my brother through everything. I’m proud to call her my best friend.

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