Mother’s Day Gifting: Introducing the Blossom Collection!

Mother’s Day Gifting: Introducing the Blossom Collection!

Alongside being a female-led company, motherhood is at the forefront of what we do. Our brand name, Merci Maman even translates to ‘Thank you Mummy’. When it comes to Mother’s Day, it is no surprise that this occasion is one of our biggest! Merci Maman is all about capturing those special moments, creating meaningful emotions and being able to treasure them in a piece of keepsake jewellery that you can love and cherish. To put it simply motherhood is kind of what we do here. With every journey to motherhood being unique and special in its own way, we want to celebrate motherhood in all its entirety. That’s why we’ve developed our brand new Blossom Collection. Keep reading to find inspiration on Mother’s Day gifting.

With our Blossom Collection we’ve taken personalisation to a whole new level

A collection designed to represent your journey during and through motherhood. Our brand new blossom collection is a great option when it comes to Mother’s Day jewellery ideas! So, whether you’re celebrating with your mama, mother in law, step mum, or granny, these pieces can represent the love that you share with one another.

blossom-bracelet blossom-necklaceblossom-necklace


Just like how flowers need time to grow, so does a family. Our brand new Blossom Collection has been made to symbolise the growth that occurs within a family. With a choice of four illustrations, choose which one captures your own reality. Whether that be a family of two or a family of many! You can even send your piece back to us when your family grows to get extra honeysuckle engraved. And of course, choose your own special words on the reverse.

The Products – Perfect for Mother’s Day Gifting

Personalised Blossom Necklace,  from £109.00

All four variations of the blossom engraving. Perfect for Mother's Day Gifting

The brand new Personalised Blossom Necklace features a delicate honeysuckle illustration on an oval charm. The honeysuckle flower symbolises the purest form of happiness but on a deeper level, can represent the ones loved and lost. Including a brand-new fine curb chain which is exclusively used for this necklace only! A hand-engraved message on the reverse of the charm makes the meaningful keepsake even more unique, whether it be a name, a date or a special word!

Personalised Blossom Beaded Bracelet,  from £99.00

blosssom bracelet

To pair with the necklace we have the brand new Blossom Beaded Bracelet. A new addition to our growing beaded collection, this bracelet is available in both 18K gold plating or 925 sterling silver. Also featuring the delicate honeysuckle motif this bracelet beautifully adorns the wrist of the wearer.

The Finer Details

With this exciting collection we have some stunning new features. The first being our new curb chain, which is exclusively used for our Blossom necklace. Delicate yet sturdy, it is a beautiful addition to our chain collection!

blossom necklace illustrations

Alongside this the honeysuckle engraving featured on the pendant of both the necklace and bracelet can be engraved more than once. As your family continues to grow the Blossom honeysuckle flower motif can mirror this. So, whether you start off as a family of 2, 3 or 4 you can always add to your piece at a later date to reflect a family of many! Available in silver and gold, engrave with your own special words on the reverse.

This heartfelt collection is perfect for Mother’s Day! Let us know what you think of this new launch on our social media and be sure to check it out on our website!