#MyMotherhood means…

#MyMotherhood means…

My Motherhood

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, at many different times and in many different wonderful ways. Throughout the year, Merci Maman specialises in creating thousands of keepsakes that celebrate love, happiness and all things motherhood. With not only our name translating to ‘Thank you Mummy’, but with our hand-engraved, personalised jewellery, Mother’s Day and Merci Maman go hand in hand. 

After the year we have all had, we want to make Mother’s Day as special as it can be, celebrating each and every one of you and your journeys to becoming a mother, an auntie, a grandmother, or even a great grandmother. Through our #MyMotherhood caption, we have turned to our beloved community to ask you the question, what does #MyMotherhood mean to you? 

Whether that is through pictures, words, quotes or even song lyrics, we want to know. We understand that each family’s story is unique, all tied together by the unconditional love of a mother and that’s why we want to champion every single one of you and celebrate your own voice. 

We have been blown away by all of the amazing responses so far and are looking forward to those which we have to yet to have heard. These are some of our favourites: 

#MyMotherhood means… 

“a feeling of being complete and content  there are good and bad days but Since having my little boy in June 2020 during our lockdowns he has completed our lives and kept us going during the tough times xx” – @kelseyamimintern

“finding the beauty in the imperfect ” – @laurenallenfitness

“I tried for my baby for three years and she is the most perfect and special person in my life. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression during maternity and even on my hard days I look at my daughter, hold my daughter, watch my husband make her laugh and that fills my heart with such joy. That is all I will ever need. That’s what being a mother means to me ” – @anonymous

“It’s nothing I expected and everything I never knew I needed.” – @hollydurrx

If you want the chance to be featured in our #MyMotherhood campaign, simply DM us on Instagram with what motherhood means to you 

To make this campaign even more exciting, our podcast, Studio Stories has an exclusive 4-part series starting today (Wednesday 17th February). We have been speaking to four VERY special guests on all thing’s motherhood and we can’t wait to share their wonderful journeys and advise with our listeners. 

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