National Flower Day 2022: A Guide to Birth Flower Jewellery

National Flower Day 2022: A Guide to Birth Flower Jewellery

With days starting to get slightly longer and warmer spring is finally making its way back into our lives. With Sunday March 20th being the first official day of spring this year, what might be slightly more exciting is Monday March 21st, which marks National Flower Day! There are a few different ways that you could commemorate this day. Perhaps by planting some flowers, buying a loved one a bouquet or wearing one of our pretty birth flower pieces!

Find National Flower Day Inspiration with The Birth Flower Collection

For every month of the year there is a specific birth flower that corresponds to it.

From the Carnation of January to the Poinsettia of December, there is a wide variety of flowers to choose from! At Merci Maman you can choose which flower that you like best and have it engraved on one of our birth flower pieces, whether it be a necklace, a charm or a ring.

Birth Flower Pieces: 3 Gift Ideas

Birth flower jewellery can be a great gift to commemorate the birth month of your child (or your own)! Additionally, you can simply pick the flower that you like the look of the most.

Here are three ideas on how you could potentially add a birth flower piece to your jewellery collection:

1. Personalised Birth Flower Ring, at £59

Our signature Personalised Signet Ring upgraded with a floral twist. This piece makes a bold yet romantic statement with the subtle engraving of the birth flower. Choose from 12 detailed birth flower that can be placed on the face of the ring. Personalise with our signature french style hand engraving. Then pick whether you will style it alone as a statement piece. Or stack it up high with other selections from out personalised engraved rings for a trendy layered look!

2. Personalised Birth Flower Necklace, from £89

With 12 unique and beautiful flower options to choose from. Have one of our Personalised Birth Flower Necklaces engraved with your top pick. Add that extra special by choosing a message that is meaningful to you and having it engraved on the reverse of the disc. With a choice of 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plating or 18K Rose Gold Plating alongside a multitude of chain lengths; you can make this item customised so that it perfectly fits your taste.

3. Personalised Birth Flower Charm, from £40

Available in 18K Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver or 18K Rose Gold Plated. Our Personalised Birth Flower Charms can be added onto existing Merci Maman pieces. Choose from the 12 different flower options and hand-engrave with a personal message to make a meaningful gift.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. This National Flower day why not let us know what your favourite flower is on our social media!