September Birth Flower: Aster

September Birth Flower: Aster

Is your birthday in September, or are you celebrating a loved one’s special day this month? The September birth flower is the Aster; a popular daisy-like flower that has grown wild since ancient times.

With the name Aster deriving from the ancient Greeks meaning of ‘star-like flower’ connotations of patience, elegance and wisdom are well associated with this dainty blossom. Also known as the ‘talisman of love’ the Aster flower is commonly used to celebrate 20-year wedding anniversaries, as a true representation of never-ending love and commitment to loved ones. Widely used in floristry in a variety of colours including hues of purple, yellow or pink, the Aster flower is a key flower for bouquets to celebrate the special moments in life.

Hand-engraved with words, names or dates of your choice, the Birth Flower Necklace makes the perfect gift. Packed in a complimentary gift box ready for the birthday girl, all included with a small card that explains a little more on what your birth flower represents along with a seed packet to grow your own wildflowers. With the newly launched Birth Flower Signet Ring also showcasing the Aster flower for September, and hand-engraved with your unique message on the inside of the ring, what better way to personalise the birthday gift.

Did you know:

  • Asters were burned and smoked in ancient times as a means of warding off negative energy?
  • Asters are often mistaken as part of the daisy family but are actually members of the sunflower family?
  • The Aster is associated with patience, lasting love, good luck and feminine energy.

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