Spring Is The Time For New Beginnings

Spring Is The Time For New Beginnings

This season is a lovely reminder of how truly beautiful change can be.

As Spring starts to bloom, and new life is brought into the world, it’s a time of great possibilities and the hopeful promise of the brighter days to come. The nights become lighter, the sun rises earlier, the flowers begin to blossom, and we see the early signs of all that summer and the warmer seasons have to offer. The magic of new beginnings, of the new life being brought into the world and all the hope that comes with it. 

We are celebrating the start of Spring and all the new beginnings it offers. We caught up with new mum Lucrezia, the model of our latest shoot. Alongside her daughter – 8 week old Tecla.

How was it to be pregnant during a lockdown? 

Very unsettling as it was our first baby, especially around the time of the delivery. But I am so glad my parents were here to support us when Tecla was born!

Do you think the lockdown has given you more time to bond as a family? 

It is definitely easier to stay at home with a newborn, so you can get all the snuggles!

Could you talk about the experience of being a new mum, and what advice would you give to other new mums?

No one can prepare you for the love you will experience, when we saw Tecla for the first time it was the best day of our lives. No advice for new mums as every baby is different, just follow your instinct and it will be ok! 

What has been the highlight of being a mum so far? 

Apart from seeing Tecla growing every day, probably saw my husband becoming a father. Melts my heart to see them together, they have the sweetest bond.

How did you choose the name? 

My husband (American) and I wanted a name that could be pronounced and spelt in the same way in Italian and English (Italian). We always loved the name Tecla, which is also one of my dearest friend’s names. Her middle name is Virginia is after her paternal grandmother and great grandmother.

How did you find out you were pregnant?

The day after we moved to our new place!

Did you have any pregnancy cravings?

Brie cheese… I was waking up in the middle of the night craving it!