Summer Jewellery Inspiration With Model Zana

Summer Jewellery Inspiration With Model Zana

Zana is the model of our recent summer shoot that took place on the beach and also happens to work at Merci Maman! Zana talks about all things about being pregnant for the first time and her favourite summer jewellery pieces.

First off, many thanks for taking part in our shoot! Please could you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

I’m the Digital Marketing Manager here at Merci Maman. I look after our global digital presence and I’ve been a part of the team for a year now. When I’m not crafting any new digital campaigns to promote our beautiful brand to mums all over the world, you’ll find me taking photos of my outfits around London. I have a small blog where I talk about fashion and jewellery. 

As your first pregnancy, has it been what you expected? What would you say has been the best part about your pregnancy journey so far?

For me personally, the hardest part was the first trimester, as I felt very rough. The second and now the 3rd one have been the loveliest. I think I expected the 3rd one to be more difficult as I get closer to my due date. However, I’ve been feeling quite good so far (hope I won’t jinx it, haha).  

The best part for me is feeling the flutters, kicks, somersaults and the baby responding whenever he hears my voice.

What are you most looking forward to about being a mum?

The cuddles and the unconditional love!

Has being pregnant changed your relationship with your own mum?

My mum lives abroad so it has been upsetting for me not to be able to share this with her and my family other than via zoom. I did find myself being more curious about her own pregnancies and birth stories, as well as feeling more empathetic and understanding towards some parenting choices she’s made.

Do you have any plans for your first summer as a family of three?

It really depends on when I’ll give birth to be honest, but for the first weeks, I think we’ll try to adjust to life as a family of three and take it easy. I plan to take loads of walks in the park, have little picnics and spend as much time outside as possible. A little staycation in the UK might also be on the radar towards the end of the summer.

What Merci Maman piece and engraving are you going to pick following the birth of your little one?

I’ve been loving the new Entwined Collection so maybe a necklace with his name on and DOB on the reverse. The Sunray Necklace would be lovely as well, as he’s a summer baby so it would have a nice double meaning.