Top Summer Jewellery Trends 2020

Top Summer Jewellery Trends 2020

We may not be spending our summer how we had initially planned but we’re shining a light on our top summer pieces, perfect for staying in as well as going out, or even better, a treat for someone else!

Trending Jewellery 2020

Floral Jewellery
Whilst our Birthstones our still one of our most popular collections, add a floral twist with our Birth Flower necklaces. Each flower represents a different month – for example, May is the peony, and June is the rose.

Lockets and Heirlooms
Antiques? We call it Granny chic. Lockets are making a comeback, and ours is even better with the option for personalisation and inside. Our weighted locket will make a keepsake for years to come!

Pearls & more Pearls!
Pearls have been trending for all of 2020, and they’re not leaving for 2021. We’ve introduced our Pearl Drop Necklace with the option of a white pearl, and also grey pearl this year. This simple necklace is dainty, delicate and perfect to match with floaty dresses.

Enamel Jewellery
Enamel jewellery gives a ‘vintage’ feel that’s making a return this Summer. We’ve introduced a new Black enamel spinning ring. This bold piece highlights any and every manicure (tried and tested amongst the girls in our office!) can be hand-engraved on the reverse for a hidden message.

Gold Hoops
With gold hoops being a jewellery staple, these art-deco feel earrings are a must-have. Even better, these can be worn in two ways, with the hoop at the front or worn at the back. Engrave a single initial on each earrings to make these completely unique to you.