Wedding Day & Jewellery: Tips & Styling

Wedding Day & Jewellery: Tips & Styling

After the last year of postponed weddings, lockdown ceremonies and very different than originally planned nuptials, the time for celebrations feels more relevant than ever. In the midst of uncertainty, love has prevailed, and we think that’s something to celebrate. 

Even when apart we’ve seen love and special moments flourish. We’ve felt lucky to be engraving keepsake treasures symbolising precious dates and occasions that mean the most in life for our community

Wedding Jewellery: tips for brides and guests

From engagements to asking your favourite person to be your bridesmaid on your special day, we know these are moments you never want to forget. A sentimental piece of jewellery with your most meaningful words can it even more special! 

Being the bride, all the attention is on you! So why not make your day even more special with a personalised piece. Whether that is a subtle bracelet with those special words on or an elegant necklace, we have a piece for you. 

What Jewellery should a bride wear at her wedding day?

A constant reminder of the magic and the emotions of the big day that you never want to forget, the life-changing moments spent celebrating with the people you love the most.  To anniversaries, and being able to mark those special moments and memories year after year with that special person. 

Need engraving help? Check out this list below!

  • From 05.08.20 to forever
  • Always & Forever 
  • 20.09.21
  • When forever began
  • Louise & Michael  
  • The Start of Forever
  • Love
  • Together Forever 
  • Marry me?
  • I do! 

Wedding Day & Jewellery: tips for guests and bridesmaids

No one wants to overshadow the bride and take the attention away from her. That doesn’t mean you can’t shine in your own way. A subtle keepsake can speak a thousand words. From a bracelet with your favourite words on, a ring to complete your outfit or the perfect pair of hoops. 

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