Valentine's Day at Merci Maman: Stories of Love

Valentine's Day at Merci Maman: Stories of Love

Here at Merci Maman, we are lucky enough to be a small part of some of the biggest moments in your lives. Whether it be a new birth, a christening, or an engagement, love really is all around us and comes in many different forms. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve collected some heart-warming stories of love from our lovely community to celebrate how much love means to them! 

Your stories of love

‘I met my partner while travelling in India. For our first anniversary, he got me a Merci Maman necklace with the name of the city where we met, Dharamsala’ - Imma, Spain

‘Ten years ago, I went to Italy on Erasmus and met my now husband! How ironic that I ended up meeting someone from my city in a foreign country’ - Alba, Spain

‘Love for me is the connection you have with different people, and often is individual to that relationship – whether it be a partner, sister, family member or friend, it is a true understanding of that person, flaws and all and the unconditional support system you share. Love is SO individual and means so many things, but ultimately for me is knowing they will always be there with genuine support, trust, laughter, happiness, and affection’ - Samantha, UK

'For me, love is when I call my sister crying and she still manages to make me laugh. It’s what I experience when I finally get to hug my mum after not seeing her for months. It’s driving around aimlessly with your friends on a random Wednesday night. It’s what I feel when i’m dancing around my room to my favourite songs. When you realise that love is not about romantic relationships, it’s about noticing the little things that make your day that much better, life becomes beautiful'. - Marta, UK

'My partner and I have been together for 5 years and he always makes me feel that he loves me. For example, when he takes my favorite snack every time I go shopping or always takes out the trash because he knows I hate it.
And I love him for so many things: Because he is not perfect and sometimes misbehaves and I know that he stands by it later and also apologizes. Because he gives me the feeling to be his number 1 and always takes time for me when it is important. Because for him it is not about me/you, mine/yours, but about us.' - Lisa, Austria

'What do I love? The smell of freshly mown grass, a flawlessly solved Sudoku with the highest level of difficulty, when I come home and I hear "Haaaaaallllloooo Mama" in several voices. The soft hands of my grandmother and when a colleague says, "But that was Sarah's idea". I love looking out for others and realizing that others are looking out for me, too.' - Sarah, Germany

Our stories of love

‘I met my boyfriend at the age of 15, when we were made to sit next to each other during a history lesson at school. Since then, we have been inseparable and are still together nearly 7 years later! We currently attend the same university but are doing long distance as I’m on placement year - but he still makes a 3 hour drive most weekends to visit me. I’m so excited to be back at university with him again next year!’ - Cerys, Marketing Intern

“I met my husband 29 years ago (can’t believe I’m writing that number), and it was love at first sight… for me. I had to chase him and he made me wait. When he was finally ready he took me to an airshow, I did not expect to like it but we had a really fun day,  and that was the start of this now long love story!” - Capucine, eCommerce & CRM Manager

‘My boyfriend and I met almost 4 years ago on our university ski trip. When we arrived back in Leeds, we realised that we actually lived opposite each other, which made dating a little too convenient! After a couple of months of being together (and him trying to ask me out!), I finally said yes, and the rest is history. Later this year we’re moving into our own flat and couldn’t be more excited.’ - Olivia, Communications & Marketing Manager

“My British husband proposed (in French!) on NYE 2017 at the top of the slopes during a skiing trip in Verbier (yes I still had my helmet on when that happened). The ring was a little too small so I buried my hand in snow to shrink my fingers which, to our delight, perfectly did the trick!” - Marine, Head of Brand Marketing

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Merci Maman

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we couldn't be more thrilled to announce our latest edit celebrating all the wonderful kinds of love! From the love for your little ones, friends, and partners to most importantly, self-love. And nothing says 'I love you' more than a personalised gift.

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Personalised Heart Alphabet Necklace

Personalised Heart Alphabet Bracelet

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We hope you found that inspiration you were looking for! Make sure to share your own stories with us on social media and check our Valentine's personalised jewellery selection for some beautiful gift ideas.