Personalised Birth Gifts

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The birth of a little one is a magical event and a unique moment that forever marks the hearts of families. It is a celebration of life, new beginnings and unconditional love to cherish. Each birth tells a special story, with every birth being a new adventure that begins for parents and child. 
Finding a way to capture and cherish these moments becomes essential. This is where the importance of birth gifts lies: not only do they symbolise the joy and excitement of this milestone event, but they also serve as precious keepsakes for years to come, commemorating the first precious moments of a little one’s life. 
Discover our range of unique hand-engraved birth gifts, perfect for welcoming a new birth or for representing your children's birth months. 
Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a uniquely designed necklace, our variety of jewellery had been created to help you to cherish loved ones or celebrate special memories. In 18K Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, with birthstones and charms, you're sure to find a personalised keepsake to share your love and affection for any occasion.  

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What is the meaning of Birthstones? 

Birthstones are more than just sparkly stones. Each stone is linked to a specific birth month and carries with it deep history and meaning. For example, January's garnet is known to symbolise protection, whilst May's onyx is often associated with rebirth and love. By choosing a birthstone to wear as jewellery, you are not only creating a stylish accessory, but you are also establishing a personal connection with the wearer. Receiving a birthstone as a gift shows care and attention to celebrate their birth month and the unique qualities associated with it.  

What personalisation options does Merci Maman offer? 

Our collection offers so many lovely personalisation options to make each piece of jewellery truly unique to the wearer or recipient. Alongside selecting the birthstone, our customers can also add hand-engravings such as cherished names, important dates, or even short and heartfelt messages.
This personalisation can be done on different elements of the jewellery, such as the pendant of a necklace, the inside of a ring, or the clasp of a bracelet. Depending on the product, the engraving can be discreetly hidden for you to treasure or shown to the world to adore.  
This flexibility allows you to create a gift that speaks directly to the recipient's heart, whether you’re celebrating the birth of a little one, treasuring a milestone birthday, or simply expressing your love and appreciation.  

What is the importance of Hand Engraving? 

Hand-engraving is the essence of personalisation. Each piece of jewellery from Merci Maman is carefully personalised by our skilled engravers in Paris, transforming a simple piece of jewellery into a keepsake full emotional memory.
This technique not only makes it possible to inscribe names or special dates, but it also gives each piece a unique and intimate character.
Unlike mechanical engraving, hand-engraving captures the nuances and individuality the signature Merci Maman lettering style, making each piece of jewellery not only a gift, but also a priceless keepsake. 

What are the best Personalised Gift Ideas for New Parents? 

Here are some very original customisable gift ideas that you can offer to parents who have just welcomed a new baby: 

Necklaces with birth date engravings
A delicate necklace with an engraving of the little one’s name and date of birth is a very special and impactful gift. For a special touch, consider adding a sparkly birthstone.  

Bracelets with added charms
Create an elegant bracelet where each charm represents a unique aspect of birth: a disc engraved with their first name, a birthstone for the date, and a heart charm to symbolise everlasting love.  

Stackable rings
Elegant rings, just like our Personalised Name Ring, can be stacked and discreetly engraved with the new arrival’s name or date of birth.