Personalised Gifts for Christenings and Communions

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Religious ceremonies such as christenings, baptisms, and communions are unique and important moments in the life of every Christian. 
These are once-in-a-lifetime occasions and deserve to be marked with meaningful and memorable gifts to show your love for those experiencing these milestone moments.
To celebrate, we’ve created a special collection of gifts designed especially for christenings and communions. 
Imagine the sparkle in their eyes when a they receive our elegant Mini Cross Bracelet engraved with their first name, or our Christening or Communion Necklace delicately engraved with a cherished name and their christening date. For summer occasions, why not opt for one of our Liberty bracelets to add a vibrant and colourful touch to your gift? 

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Why choose a Personalised Gift for a Christening or Communion? 

Personalised gifts are a thoughtful and popular choice for religious ceremonies such as christenings, baptisms, and communions. There are several reasons for this trend: 
Firstly, personalised gifts offer a unique touch that sets them apart from more traditional and generic keepsakes. 
As part of a religious ceremony, a personalised gift can incorporate elements specific to the occasion, such as the date of the event, the recipient's name, or even a meaningful biblical quote or reference. This personalisation creates a deep and emotional link between the gift and the event celebrated. 
Additionally, a personalised gift can easily convey a message of affection and thoughtfulness. Taking the time to personalise a gift shows that the giver has thought carefully about the recipient, be it a little one or godparent, and the importance of the event in their life. This care and attention can make the gift even more memorable and valuable to the recipient. 

Special Personalised Gift Ideas 

Engraved Mini Cross Bracelet

The Mini Cross Bracelet is an elegant and timeless gift, perfect for celebrating a christening or communion. Made with high quality materials, it is available in 18K Gold Plated and 925 Sterling Silver to keep your piece looking shiny and new over time.  
The simple, yet timeless design makes this bracelet suitable for all ages and styles, with its size being ideal for everyday wear, or to style on special occasions.
Adding personalisation onto the bracelet is a key aspect of the gift, with the option for a name or date to be engraved. This adds a touch of sentimentality and transforms the bracelet into a treasure full of memory.  

Communion or Baptism Necklace 

Necklaces with a cross, dove, or an angel are popular and traditional gifts for baptisms and communions, symbolising faith and religious commitment.  
The cross itself, as a powerful symbol of the Christian faith, represents love, sacrifice and hope. 
These necklaces can be personalised by adding an engraved date, such as the date of a christening, and the name of the recipient. This makes the gift even more special and meaningful, and act as a keepsake to treasure as little ones grow.  

Colourfully braided bracelets or Liberty prints for Summer 

For an eye-catching keepsake, colourful braided bracelets and Liberty print pieces are perfect choices for summer. These bracelets stand out for their lightness and playful appearance, available in multiple colours and patterns to truly capture a unique style and personality. These bracelets can be personalised with engraved discs and extra charms to create a truly unique gift. These bracelets are perfect for children and teenagers, providing a fashionable yet memorable gift that can be worn and treasured every day.