Happy Mother's Day #toallmamas

Happy Mother's Day #toallmamas

Here at Merci Maman, (translated as ‘Thank You, Mummy’), we keep motherhood at the heart of everything we do. Made for mums, by mums, we celebrate the special bond between a mother and child so it’s no surprise Mother’s Day is one of our biggest occasions!

This year, our Mother’s Day campaign is called #toallmamas and we are championing all women on their journeys to, from, and within motherhood. We recognise that no journey is the same and through our inclusive campaign, we aim to break norms and stereotypes, by giving the inspiring women in our community a platform to share their own unique stories of motherhood.


We asked our community over on our Instagram to finish the sentence ‘My advice #toallmamas is…We have collected some of our favourite responses below that we just had to share!

As you read these messages, we hope they inspire you to think about what your advice #toallmamas would be. We would love to hear your thoughts over on our social media!

Abbie - @cheerfullylive

'#toallmamas, the ones who have lost their babies, to the ones who are navigating infertility and embryo loss, to the ones who are walking through grief, to the ones who have felt deep pain. You are not alone.’

Georgia - @life.with.parkerandayla

'My advice #toallmamas is to make the most of every day. Time goes so quickly and even though some days are difficult, one day you’ll look back and remember how wonderful it all was.'

Gbemi - @sincerely_gbemz

'My advice #toallmamas is to always remember that although to the world you are just one person, to your little ones you are the WORLD!'

Em - @em.jenson.koa

‘My advice #toallmamas is to live in the small moments, tucked up on the sofa and the bath time conversations - these are so much more precious than the big days out and events.'

Sarah - @living_at_no_8

‘My advice #toallmamas would be to trust in yourself, you know your children, and write your own story. Everyone’s families, situations, and circumstances are so different so just be true to yourself.'

Erikha - @erikhacooke

‘My advice #toallmamas is, to trust your gut instinct, always. Nobody knows your baby better than their mama. Oh, and that you’re doing amazing even on the days you don’t feel like you are!'

Sara - @sensational_seven

'My advice #toallmamas would be …. You blink and they are toddlers, then teens. Soak it all up, the rough with the smooth. Embrace the exhaustion, hug them as tight as you can holding onto the moments. For you will never be in these moments again. They are forever changing.'

Sylvia - @shehasvsn

'My advice #toallmamas is, you are enough. Your best is enough. Your love is enough. Your passion. Your intuition. Your whole entire being is enough. In fact, it is more than enough. Shine on mama.'

Jessica - @runninglateatnumber8

'My advice #toallmamas is always remember that you are w o r t h y. Even on your worst days, you are worthy of their unconditional love, their forgiveness, their smiles & the joy they bring. You are worthy of being their mother.'

Thank you to all the mamas who took part and shared their funny, inspiring, and heartfelt advice, as well as their own individual stories. We are so lucky to be a part of such a supportive and collaborative community!

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