How to organise your jewellery: 3 tips

How to organise your jewellery: 3 tips

When it comes to jewellery, a lot of us have accumulated a collection that is well loved and cherished. However, more often than not we neglect how we organise our pieces. We keep them stored in cramped bags, that they can easily get tangled in. Or laid out on top of a desk or table where there is a likelihood that you (or you little one!) could knock it off and end up losing the item forever.

It is no secret that jewellery is incredibly valuable. Both emotionally and cost-wise. That’s why here at Merci Maman we have compiled our top tips to help keep your esteemed adornments in the most organised and best possible condition!

How to organise your jewellery: 3 Ways

1. Less is not always more!

A lot of us fall into the trap of thinking in order to be organised we need to get rid of items that we do not wear as often. But, this is not the case, all you need is a good organisational system! Our brand-new Jewellery Box is the perfect case for those of you with larger collections. Featuring two removable trays. You can carefully set aside all your cherished jewels, without letting go of the pieces you love with this case.

jewellery box
Available in this stunning tan shade! Our Jewellery Box is made with Organic Cotton and Recycled PVB. Making it the perfect case to keep all your precious goods in!

2. Use small compartments to keep your items organised

Jewellery case

Space is a luxury, especially when you have small children. Sometimes a smaller device is required to store your jewellery in an efficient capacity. Our new Jewellery Case is the perfect storage facility for those of you who need compact organisation. With dimensions of 80mm Height, 80mm Width and 50mm Depth; it is the perfect case to store your jewellery in when travelling away. Our Jewellery Case’s sleek design makes it the perfect fit to slip into your handbag or suitcase! Available in three gorgeous colours, you can also add 3 embossed characters to make the case uniquely yours.

3. Separate According to Convenience

As mums it’s no secret that that time is of the essence. So, why not organise your jewellery according to category, colour or design. Simplify the process when you are choosing what jewellery to wear with which outfit. We recommend using our Jewellery Box’s tiered system to separate gold and silver! You can also designate separate sections for earrings, rings and necklaces. This will make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re in a rush.

Jewellery case and jewellery box

Additionally, having your jewellery organised individually, in a soft-lined box ensures that your pieces don’t rub together and scratch. `Making this Jewellery Box not only functional in organising your pieces but protecting them too!

Tips to clean and organise your jewellery!

Alongside organising and storing your jewellery away when not in use, cleaning is another great way to maintain your keepsakes. A few tips to keep your Jewels as sparkly as possible are:

  • Avoid direct exposure to harsh chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, body oils, and deodorant.
  • Every now and again, carefully clean your jewellery with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to help maintain its shine
  • Be sure to clean all your Merci Maman jewellery in our easy-to-use kit featuring a ‘Jewellery Sparkle’ solution, a small tray used to submerge your jewellery into the solution and a brush and polishing cloth to catch any imperfections.