Mother and Baby Jewellery: 4 Gift Ideas!

Mother and Baby Jewellery: 4 Gift Ideas!

Who says jewellery is just for us adults? Here at Merci Maman, we have jewellery suited to the whole family. From our partners, to little ones, we have you all covered. Especially when it comes to mother and baby jewellery.

From matching bracelets to cute necklaces. If you are in need of the perfect gifting set for a birthday or special moment, you have come to the right place. And even better when they are personalised!

Mother and Baby: 4 amazing jewellery gifts!

The name ‘Merci Maman‘ stands for ‘thank you, mummy’. And if you are looking for a matching gift set, this is perfect for you. Everything is hand-engraved with meaningful words, names or dates. Choose anything you like for you and your child.

Keep reading below to see our 5 best mother and baby jewellery.

1. Our Illustration Set

Choose the illustration you love and engrave the words onto the reverse. For your little ones, we recommend choosing their name or birthday. Or if you would like to match, engraving both your initials is a lovely idea.

2. The Pastille Set

Perfect for boys and girls, our pastille set is a winner. Choose a more stylish and adult version for the mother and a more child-friendly version for the child. Choose from lots of different coloured braids. And pick the words that mean the most to the pair of you to hand-engrave on the keepsakes.

3. The Liberty Collection


Choose from six different Liberty inspired ribbons to create a beautiful bracelet. Match with your little one or teenager. There are three sizes you can choose from with this bracelet making it the perfect matching piece.

4. Our Braided Bracelet


One of our staple Merci Maman designs. Our braided bracelets are the perfect gift for any mother and baby set. Choose the same pendant and different colour braids to have some diversity between the two of you. Or if you prefer, match through and through. With a variety of styles to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong with our braided bracelets.