Christmas Jewellery: 6 Gifts for your Mum!

Christmas Jewellery: 6 Gifts for your Mum!

The countdown to Christmas is well underway and if you’re anything like us at Merci Maman, we are sure you’re knee-deep in organising and purchasing gifts for loved ones. From siblings to grandparents, to distant cousins and family friends – the list of people to gift can seem like it is never-ending. As a result, here at Merci Maman we have been inspired to compile a gift guide for arguably the most important recipient; Mothers of course! Mums adore jewellery! Keep reading to gain inspiration on perfect jewellery gifts for mum.

Christmas and Jewellery Gifts: Here’s What Every mum Would Love!

Here at Merci Maman motherhood is a central part of what we do. For instance, our company is founded by a Mother. Consequently, our name translates to “Thank you Mummy” in English. And above all, we are still a motherhood focused brand. We love the fact that every mother is unique and has their own special take when it comes to parenting. Similarly, we hand engrave and personalise our jewellery so that it is unique to each customer, making it distinctively theirs.

Below we have made a list of 6 of our favourite pieces that we think would guide you to pick the ideal personalised jewellery gifts for mum. Alongside this we also offer you advice on what to engrave, so that your pick can be as unique as possible for your mum.

Christmas Jewellery: Gift Ideas for Mums!

1. Personalised Locket Necklace, from £99

We hand-engrave on both the interior and exterior of this necklace, so that this locket has two special messages. One that you wear outwardly for the world to see. And one that is discreet, so that only you and the recipient will know what is written.

In addition to being available in 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plated, the possibilities for your hand engraving are endless when it comes to this necklace. For instance, you could choose between a sweet message, familiar coordinates, a special date or a significant name!

locket necklace

2. Personalised Hammered Double Disc & Birthstone Necklace, from £179

With a birthstone being the central focus point of this necklace, our Personalised Hammered Double Disc & Birthstone necklace is one of the ideal jewellery gifts to buy for a new mum!

The central birthstone hangs alongside a large textured disc, which creates a stunning contrast with the smaller smooth disc. This Christmas gift something special with these three charms sitting beautifully on your choice of metal and chain length. In addition, add an engraving with a message of your choice on the smaller disc. We recommend using the space to hand engrave this piece with the name and date of birth of her newborn, so that they stay close to her heart always.


Christmas Jewellery: 3 more Gift Ideas for Mums!

1. The Duchess Necklace, from £139

It’s one of our best-selling pieces for a reason, and that’s why we are confident that this every mum would appreciate this as a jewellery gift. The Duchess of Cambridge herself wore this necklace to celebrate the birth of Prince George.

With the opportunity to engrave on every single charm, this is the perfect personalised gift to buy in celebration of a growing family. Add up to 3 boy or a girl charms to sit alongside our signature disc and mini heart. Subsequently, you can get creative with your engraving in a way that honours both your family and mother.

Duchess necklace

2. Personalised Birthstone Chain Bracelet, at £69

Delicate and dainty. With this bracelet you have two opportunities to personalise the piece. Firstly, by choosing an option out of the 12 birthstones. Whether it is to represent the birth month of your mother, her partner’s or your own, it will be as a constant reminder of a special date, month and moment.  

Consequently, for the second personalisation aspect which is the disc, there is a limit of one character on each side. Whilst this may seem small, sometimes the shortest messages are the most impactful. This one character could be used to represent you, your child or even her name. Or a simple love heart to represent the bond that a mother shares with their child.

Birthstone chain bracelet

3. Personalised Entwined Signet Ring, at £59

Our best-selling Signature Ring updated with a textured rope detailing. The smooth shape, curved disc and vine like textures of this ring all come together to create a stunning contrast.

The interlinking features of this ring celebrate the un-severable bond between mother and child. We recommend that you hand engrave this piece with a special word, name or date that means the world to you and your mother.

Entwined Signet Ring

4. Personalised Pastille Chain Bracelet, at £59

The piece that matches well with everything, our Pastille Chain Bracelet is one of the perfect jewellery gifts to buy for your mum. Especially if she likes understated glam!

It features a delicate chain with a smooth disc and 10 characters of hand-engraving space. This bracelet is also perfect for you to stack with other pieces. At Merci Maman we think that this bracelet looks best with an engraving that is short and sweet. Such as a date, a singular word or a simple love heart in the middle.

Pastille chain bracelet