Béatrice de Montille, Merci Maman founder

Béatrice de Montille, Merci Maman founder

Merci Maman was founded in 2007 at Béatrice de Montille's kitchen table. A mum of four, her main objective was to create meaningful gifts for mothers and celebrate the unique bond of motherhood. Fifteen years later, we are proud to have become an internationally recognised brand shipping worldwide, while still keeping our values at the core of everything we do. Come with us to read our story and find out how it all started!

How it all started

Apart from her passion for offering personalised experiences, Béatrice also wanted her company to value mothers and give them much-needed flexibility. This is why, from the first employee to the last, Merci Maman has always accommodated and celebrated motherhood, as well as other personal circumstances. Today, we have a team of 94% women, almost half of them mothers.

Béatrice herself had her second baby –Chloé– shortly before she started the company. This was the inspiration behind her change of career. She was trying to find an opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance after her maternity leave, which is why she decided to do it on her own terms.

Merci Maman's 15th anniversary

Along with her husband and co-founder, Arnaud de Montille, Béatrice has taken a look back on the brand and on the achievements of these past 15 years. Here are some of their best memories:

A royal necklace

"My best memory, of course, is the day we discovered the Princess of Wales wearing one of our creations. Such an honour for me!"

Béatrice de Montille

In 2014, the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Duchess of Cambridge) was spotted wearing one of our personalised pieces. As a brand with a strong admiration for the Royal family, this was a true privilege for us. We renamed it in her honour as the Duchess necklace and, since then, it has been one of our absolute bestsellers.

Two-time winners of the Queen's Award

"My proudest moment over these years was getting awarded with the Queen's Award and receiving it from Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II in person".

Arnaud de Montille

As an international brand, we have been awarded the Queen's Award on Enterprise on two occasions (2017 and 2020). We also had the immense honour to receive it in person from the hands of the Royal family!

Come meet Béatrice de Montille!

As a thank you for being with us for the past 15 years, we have organised a very special event next week. You can come to meet us at our beautiful Fulham office any day from next Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th of October, from 10 am to 5 pm. Béatrice will also be there on Tuesday to tell her story in the first person. With exclusive friends and family discounts and the launch of our new collection, this is not one to miss!

You can't make it? Don't worry! You can still celebrate our anniversary with us. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a very special surprise later in the month! 


"I would like to thank you all for your loyalty and for your trust over the past 15 years. It's been a great pleasure to engrave all of our creations with your own messages of love and friendship". 

Béatrice de Montille


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