Mama and Moi: Behind the Scenes of our Beaded Edit

Mama and Moi: Behind the Scenes of our Beaded Edit

As you may already know, here at Merci Maman we’re all about celebrating motherhood. With motherhood itself being an integral part of our brand identity, for the launch of our newest collection we decided that we would like to place the spotlight from one of the lovely mothers who is part of our MM community! @notrejoyeuxbazar and baby Adèle, are the stars of our new Beaded Edit campaign by modelling the stylish collection. With brand new details and classic designs, Prisca and Adèle truly capture the beauty of matching Mother-Daughter jewellery. As part of the campaign we had the pleasure of speaking to Prisca about her journey to motherhood, as well as what modelling the pieces meant to her.

Interview with Prisca


Hi Prisca, can you please introduce yourself and your family?

Hello, my name is Prisca. I am 31 years old and a mother of 2 to Gabin and Adèle, who are 6 years old and 2 months old. Through my instagram account @notrejoyeuxbazar I share our daily life! As well as combining my passion for photography and jewellery which is also showcased on my page.

Can you tell us a little bit about your recent pregnancy with baby Adèle?

After giving birth to Gabin I waited 6 years before going through the adventure of pregnancy again. We were fine at 3. We had our little balance of things… But as more time passed, my desire for motherhood grew. So the decision was made.

My second pregnancy had it ups and downs. But overall I have a good memories attached to it. Despite being sick for the first three months, I loved pregnancy. During this time, I was able to fully enjoy my pregnancy at home and spent the whole 9 months resting in my bubble. The delivery itself went very smoothly, you could say it was express!

Today, I feel fully fulfilled in my role as a mother of two. My greatest gift is being able to watch them grow every day and see the indescribable bond between a brother and sister.

At Merci Maman, our jewellery is meant to be personal. Which is why we offer hand engraving on every piece we sell. Would you mind telling us about the engraving that is on your own Merci Maman piece?

For my very first Merci Maman piece I chose the engraving to contain the names of my two children “Adèle & Gabin”. I had the piece engraved a month before my delivery, once it was definitely decided that the baby’s name would be Adèle. Since getting this piece I actually don’t take it off as it has huge sentimental value!

And finally, you and Adèle are featured as models of our new Beaded collection, how have you enjoyed this process?

I am delighted and honoured to be able to represent this collection, which is just sublime. I strongly relate with the message of celebrating motherhood that is shared at Merci Maman and the collections which represent the strong bonds that exist between a mother and her children. The Beaded Edit is particularly touching to me due to recently becoming a mother of a little girl so I would once again like to thank you for this opportunity.

We would like to give a big thanks to both Prisca and Adèle for featuring in our campaign for the Beaded Edit in which they show off their matching mother-daughter style. And we would also like to thank Prisca for taking the time to speak with us for this interview!