Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide: Top 10 Ideas

Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide: Top 10 Ideas

With the holiday season fast approaching, here at Merci Maman we know how difficult it can be to find meaningful Christmas gifts for your loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together a Christmas jewellery gift guide that ensures you’ll give presents that the recipient will treasure forever!

The Ultimate Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

1. A stocking filler to remember! Our Personalised Stretchy Bracelet, from £39

Available in a range of six fantastic colours, this bracelet is designed to showcase your special little person in more ways than one. This bracelet is perfect for children as the band is composed of a stretchy elastic, meaning it will accommodate their growth and development whilst still being stylish. Pick their favourite colour and a hand-engraved special message to place into their stocking for a wonderful Christmas surprise!

stretchy bracelet

2. For the fashion forward mum, our Personalised Hammered Open Bangle is the perfect gift at £69

With an eye-catching texture, let the outside do the talking with our Hammered Open Bangle. This single bangle is the perfect Christmas gift for all the chic women in your life with its trendy and edgy design. You can personalise the inside of the bangle with a secret message that only you and your recipient will know about. In addition, if you’re feeling adventurous show off your creativity with a unique stack of bracelets like in the image above. Experiment with different textures, colours and styles to make it completely unique.

hammered open bangle

3. Colourful and unique our Kindred Hoop Earrings are a statement piece, from £89

Coming in third on our Christmas jewellery gift guide are the Kindred Hoops. These earrings are available in a variety of 6 different gemstones, allowing you to pick what best compliments your chosen gift recipient. Available in three different hoop sizes and with a complimentary engraved character on the back of each pendant, this piece is truly exquisite.

kindred hoop earrings

4. For someone whose head is always in the stars, why not gift them our Constellation Coin Necklace! From £129

Intricate gold detailing and constellation designs are showcased beautifully in this necklace. With hand engraving available on the reverse of the disc, this necklace can be uniquely personalised to make the perfect Christmas gift for the Milky Way obsessed!

Constellation Coin Necklace

5. For when they have more pieces than you could imagine, our Jewellery Case is the way to go! From £49

Available in Pink, Tan and Cream our Jewellery case is perfect for the woman who has built up a collection that is well loved and cherished. In a compact size of 80mm Height, 80mm Width and 50mm Depth; it’s perfect to use for travelling alongside storing your jewellery safely at home. You can personalise this case for your recipient by adding three embossed characters that will hold a special meaning to them.

Jewellery case

6. If you are searching for an unforgettable gift our Collection Précieuse Fine Mini Heart Necklace is the perfect option at £340

Soft, dainty and feminine… Made from 100% recycled solid gold, this delicate piece is hand engraved with an initial of your choice. Created to last for a lifetime, it is the perfect symbol to represent a love that never lingers. So stylish yet so simple, this fine necklace will definitely put a smile on her face come Christmas morning.

solid gold necklace

7. A very royal best seller, our Duchess Necklace is one of our signature pieces, from £139

Available in 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Rose Gold Plated and 18K Gold Plated. Our duchess necklace has long been a staple at Merci Maman. Composed of a signature disc, mini heart charm and your choice of girl or boy charm, don’t leave this necklace off of our Christmas jewellery gift guide. With a royal stamp of approval from the Duchess of Cambridge herself, this piece perfectly represents and celebrates family. Personalise with engraving and additional charms to make it a great gift to honour your family with.

The Duchess Necklace

8. Classic and timeless, our Personalised Intertwined Chain Bracelet is always a favourite, at £79

The intertwined circles on this bracelet can represent any special bond; the links of love between siblings, partners and friends. Choose a meaningful message for the larger circle and a date or short message for the smaller circle, all beautifully hand-engraved in our distinctive French style to remember milestone moments in your life.

Intertwined Chain Bracelet

9. With our Personalised Initial Beaded Bracelet, show off your style in unison, from £49

A subtle way to rock his and hers look, whilst maintaining your individual styles

With six semi-precious beads to choose from, this hand-engraved bracelet is the ideal gift to showcase a special story or bond. Available in both women’s and men’s sizing, this unisex piece is superb for matching with your loved one. Engrave each other’s initials or a secret code that only the two of you will understand.

Initial Beaded Bracelet for Him and for Her

10. A sparkling extra, our Jewellery Care Kits keeps all your pieces clean at £15

Whichever piece from our Christmas jewellery gift guide you end up deciding purchasing, it is imperative that you take good care of it. Be sure to utilise our easy-to-use cleaning kit that featuring a ‘Jewellery Sparkle’ solution, a small tray that is used to submerge your jewellery into the solution, a miniature brush and a polishing cloth to catch any imperfections. It may not me the most glamorous gift but it is definitely the most practical.

Christmas Jewellery Guide: Follow These Tips!

Once you have chosen your ideal option from our Christmas jewellery gift guide the next big step is picking the perfect engraving. To help you compose an engraving that they’ll cherish forever we have complied a list of tips that you may find useful:

  • Name of the recipient
  • A location that is significant to you and the gifted
  • A secret message that only the two of you can decipher
  • An inside joke that only the two of you know
  • A date that holds great importance, such as an anniversary or date of birth
  • Initials that they will cherish forever

If you are still stuck on what to pick as a gift, why not browse our website for some further inspiration. As always, happy shopping!

(P.S our Black Friday Sale is currently ongoing so no better time to shop than the present!)