How Do You Measure Your Finger For a Ring?

How Do You Measure Your Finger For a Ring?

Ten different fingers, all different sizes. Where to start? Which size is right for each one? How do I measure them effectively? These commonly asked questions keep appearing so we thought we would answer them all for you.

If you love rings just as much as us, we know the right size makes all the difference. Keep reading for some hacks on how to measure your fingers to find your perfect ring.

How to measure your finger for a ring: 4 Tips

Here at Merci Maman we understand jewellery like no other. And when it comes to rings, we know you want to get it right. With multiple sizes to choose from, it can be hard knowing which size to go for. This is why we offer free ring sizers!


  • Add the Ring Sizer to your basket
  • Pop your address in & pay for postage
  • When it arrives, put it around your desired ring finger
  • Make note of the letter and order your favourite ring!

As simple as that.

There are also other options if you can’t wait for postage or are in a rush to order. Firstly, use string. Yes you heard that right. If you have any piece of string lying around at home, simply wrap it around the base of your finger. Make sure you mark the sting with a pen when it starts to overlap.

After you have done this, line the string next to a ruler. Take the measurement in millimetres. Use our ring sizer chart below to work out your size!

ring sizer

Another easy way to measure your fingers is with paper. Follow the same simple steps that you do with the sting but make sure you mark exactly where the paper crosses over. Use the paper to then work out what length in millimetres your finger is. Follow the chart above to find your exact ring size.

Finally, if you have a soft tape measure at home, use it! By wrapping it around the base of your finger, you will be able to see your size. Make sure it is in millimetres rather than centimetres and then follow the chart above. As easy as that.

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