Flower-inspired personalised jewellery: introducing our Floral Alphabet Collection

Flower-inspired personalised jewellery: introducing our Floral Alphabet Collection

Our latest launch, the Floral Alphabet Collection, is here – and we couldn't be more thrilled! Combining our traditional French cursive font with a romantic floral twist, this latest collection is designed to mirror the interweaved nature of your beautiful memories, from watching your little ones grow and your families form.

Meet the artist, Daphné

The Floral Alphabet was designed and hand drawn by our very talented team member, Daphné. Based in our Paris atelier, Daphné is in charge of engraving your beautiful stories and of creating unique keepsakes. Our new flower-inspired personalised jewellery collection wouldn’t have been possible without her delicate illustrations, and we are very grateful to have such a talented member in our team!

“The inspiration behind the Floral Alphabet drawings comes from my French country home garden, where many delicate flowers grow in the wild. I then combined them with Merci Maman’s signature French cursive alphabet”. -Daphné

The floral necklaces

Choose between our different disc sizes to create your unique piece and personalise your necklace with a letter, number or symbol on the front. The new mini disc necklace and the small one can be hand-engraved on the reverse with a message from your heart. The medium and the large disc necklaces can portray your favourite floral character and a message along the edge of the disc. Do you know your favourite yet?

The floral bracelets

Our chain and braid pastille bracelets are perfect for mums to match with their little ones. Choose your braid colour and size and adjust it with our sliding knots so it’s extra safe!

The floral ring

Our classic signet ring, now with a romantic touch! Available in two metals and hand-engravable on the reverse.

Tell us what your favourite piece is in our comments and check our new collection on our website. As usual, don’t hesitate to follow us on social media and share your beautiful pictures with us under the hashtag #mymercimaman! And, if you’re taking your jewellery on holiday with you, read our summer care guide to make sure your special keepsakes look as good as ever!

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